Friday, November 6, 2015


     When I was searching through the photos and Words for a stretch of time to saw what truly fits into mine and many other lives.  As our age thing increases, our activity usually reduces.  It's truly happening to me, and the Lord has had me worship, glorify, pray, and focus on the demonic parts where obviously some are worshiping other gods.  My God-job is consistent and very strongly placed on me... and I'm sure on others, too.  I've sometimes be driving around the U.S., to the NW to SW and to NE and Central portions and He's shown me things.  I've also been in Uganda, Costa Rica, England, France, Morocco... and each time I was revealed with some of the Godly pieces and demonic pieces and usually was able to share consistently with the local situations.  Now, in less than a year, I'm used in our local area... between our home in Omaha and around the town on many of the streets and then up to nearby cities, between our portion of Nebraska and across the Missouri River to Iowa.  Usually, between 50 and 100 miles on my driving, when leaving my house and getting back.  Historically, also am seeing the portion of up to 1,000 years ago when other gods were worshiped and people were sacrificed.  And it's happened at least 150 to 400 years ago.  Know much!
     Anyhow, I look forward to being in Heaven and excitedly truly look forward to seeing Heavenly Father and all the others, including angels and Bible Word writing people ... especially Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, and many other prophets in the Old Testament and Paul and Peter and John and Jude and many others in the New Testament.  I truly love to see my spiritual family and friends in the Bible and my personal family and friends that have gone all the way through my life from churches, schools, streets, towns, roads.
     I'm smiling and rejoicing when I see this photo and the Word, b/c even now as I've written some info pieces. 
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Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday


Anonymous said...

Life changes as we age. I understand. No matter what stage of life we are in, God does not change and he is with us. This slowing down process is giving me the time as well to ponder and muse and stretch the mind, heart, and soul. I am glad you are my neighbor at Lisha's today.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

Hazel Moon said...

Yes, we are to be dead to sin, and alive to Christ. A dead person does not get offended, gossip, find fault, and of course worship other gods. That person is dead and gone and the new emerges and is the NEW Creation person. Thank you Joanne for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.