Monday, November 16, 2015


       I counted on that a long time ago, even when looking outside our house in Katalemwa, not far outside of Kampala.  The Word is so strongly in my heart and life.  I trust the truthfulism that the Lord has risen upon me/you.  His light counts with us forever.
      OH, and the house was owned by a man in India who had lived there long ago.  He was in Canada.  A man at a church we were involved with in Kampala was from Ohio and he was sharing the renting.  It's more expensive than we thought we could use, but it truly opened up to us to let people drop in and sleep overnight or stay with us for several weeks so we could teach them re: school issues with computers and lots of other stuff.  The owner, BTW, was a Bigelow tea owner all around the world!  And around Christmas time he showed up in Kampala and came to our house... he and a friend... and indicated he hoped to get to Uganda again.  So many were chased out when the warfare situation was involved in the '80s and the ones from India who were in Uganda had been kicked out carefully and, usually, all their stuff was stolen.  They couldn't keep money easily, even though a woman might keep something like money or jewels in her hair, I heard the hair was cut through and accused of robbing and it was very dangerous.  We met a few from India in Kampala during that time, b/c they were now in safely and putting much of the grocery pieces... especially meat or eggs ... and re: pills, which Dave and I took re: the protection from malaria.  Anyhow, it was amazing that we could have that place for a few more months.  [OH, and he did move into his house a few months later and we were in a different location to teach, share, and worship.]
      And I'll pop the house onto this now.  And show the birds and other pieces in our yard and trees.  It was about 21 years ago when we were there!  It was a blessing that the Lord put us there with and through friends.  
      Still seeing the pictures, and still seeing the Words used on some of them, it always grabs my heart!
      Bless you all and thank you all!

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Saleslady371 said...

What an interesting life and an amazing story you tell! Bless you for serving the Lord.


Hazel Moon said...

Thank you Joanne for sharing your memories and photos of your time in Uganda with us here at Tell me a Story. The house was beautiful and so interesting how you were able to rent it.

Floyd Samons said...

How awesome it is to see the hand of God in this life. It's by faith at the time, but it's indeed 20/20 in hindsight...