Wednesday, November 25, 2015


     I was reading Amos this morning, and hit this verse again, and it broke into my heart and filled me with much of the extension in these past 20 years.  As I say on it, I'm a "Root" Dugger and have been in the U.S. at several states, doing what He tells me to do and go where He tells me to go.  And, truthfully, whenever the Lord has had me doing it and sharing it, sometimes even with pastors in Uganda.
Teaching Pastors in SW Uganda for a few hours

This was in Soroti.
     Then doing a bit in Costa Rica, Morocco, and England, 2000 to 2004. 
      Now, in our local area of Omaha and nearby towns, since last April, my long-day/long-time driving doesn't work any more, b/c I fall asleep quickly.  About an hour or two most days, the Lord has me driving around and worshiping and dealing with the demonic situations that have been in some places up to 1,000 years ago [not very wide]  and a few that were several hundred years ago, and some locally in a short time.  The reason is because some of which still have indications of other gods and in the years with some sacrificed.  
     Anyhow, this grabbed me again, and yesterday when He told me to hit the street and then the side-roads, I ended up in a portion north from Omaha that I'd never seen before.  He had me pray and worship, and His local angels would break through the strong sinfulness.  I was absolutely overwhelmed when I'd never seen such large and wealthy homes and extreme acres.  Yes, it was very wealthy!!  And, I saw and smiled... cows, goats, birds, horses ... and they sure grabbed my attention and made me chuckle.
     Today I'm home and He's indicated I'm not going out this afternoon.  Dave is going to a church about 20 miles from our house this evening for a T-giving church time, and he's the organist.  During that time, when on the way to that town about west of us, I will be quietly worshiping and glorifying to and for the Lord.  He's had me drive down in that general area of several towns a few times, and I'll be focusing where we are.  
     Now I'll shut up, but this grabbed my heart strongly this morning and I'll spread it around.

[Sorry if I didn't write well.  I tried and tried and re-tried, but the dementia is increasing, day-by-day.  Do what I can when I can. Serving the Lord here, and planning to be in Heaven!  Praising Him is all that counts!]

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Floyd Samons said...

Glad He laid it on your heart. Your is close to His. Blessings to you and yours and Happy Thanksgiving, sister.

Hazel Moon said...

Digging roots is hard work, but unless the roots are pulled out, the weed will continue to resurface. Your ministry is awesome. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.