Saturday, November 7, 2015



       Been a heavy-sigh time for me.  WHY?  For some reason, I can "see" the world-wide issues, the worshiping of other gods and goddesses, dividing the Word of Truth and how many are setting some of the Word aside in the reality of our present-day social issues.
      Two friends who were visiting suddenly, but both different times, different days, and both for the first time in a few years.  One has been a friend for more than 25 years; the other I met July 4th, 2008.  When they came, I was reading Ezekiel the same days they were visiting. And both of these ladies, while not even talking about Ezekiel, said I was a "watchman".  They said that God uses me to see the consequences of our world, and that I need to be available to share His Word to deal with Truth.  They both also say I am prophetic, which, in a bit of a different manner than many others, I know I am.  Most of it is connected to a particular form of spiritual warfare in which  the Lord has been using me for at least 20 years. 
      Anyhow, all of that, laid on my heart and spirit recently, is a HUGE reminder that I need to step up to the top of the wall and the tower, keep an eye out and about to see what's going on, and be prepared to speak His Word whenever He lays it in my heart, and to fight the Enemy so people will be freer, and clearer, and moving nearer and nearer to Him.
      This is not a "sweetness and light" post.  This is one focused on the serious side of reality.  My God-job here...forever.  Been a human fighter -- emotionally and physically --  in childhood; now a spiritual fighter for the rest of my earthly life.
      HE is what counts.  His WORD is what counts.  Nothing else can.   So, focusing on Him, doing what He calls us to do, is all that counts for any, all of us.  All of us, forever and ever, must "watch and pray".  That's all we can rely upon.


       I shared this about 2 years ago.  It has increased with me in the last few months.  I can't walk easily, b/c of my stumbly leg issue and my dementia.  The Lord has had me drive around in Omaha or through here to some of the other towns and cities in our general area about 14 or 40 miles away and He has had me drive up on high hills, around and about where the Missouri River area is, even over across it to that portion of Iowa.  Worshiping, praying, and focusing on the demonic pieces in yards and knowing when, even up to hundreds of years when people were sacrificed to other gods.  Anyhow, when the iciness and broken side roads during the weather of the Winter means I can't hit the road.  Instead, I'll to focus out of my house around the window areas and worship and pray.  Anyhow this is my present-day portion of the Lord.
     OH, and, BTW, the reason this grabbed me today is b/c the Lord has been placing me again in Ezekiel.  I've read it many times in the past, and the prophets in the Bible have entered my life and heart and spirit many times.  The Lord has me use those prophetic Books and living strongly in Revelation, too.  So, this is grabbing me strongly.

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bluecottonmemory said...

It is blessing to have friends, God's people kind-of-friends, who encourage our gifts, our mission in our life. I'm glad you had that time - and so glad you fighting the good fight through prayer - whether driving around or at home. You are a blessing, Joan!

Hazel Moon said...

Thank you Joanne for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. Your ministry continues as friends visit, and you drive claiming areas for God.

Floyd Samons said...

You are indeed a Watchman. It is your ministry to remind all of us of where we are and the dangers associated with it. Keep up the good work and try to stay warm, sister. God will guide you as always.

Lux G. said...

Amen to that. There is only one God.