Monday, August 15, 2016


     All I can do is share a small piece.  The Lord uses me to pray and worship and glorify and praise in our home and around the local area and when on a car to go anywhere.  I am very tired and can't do much, but I can walk and worship.  Anyhow, my dementia has increased and my situations re: my feet and ankles cause me to stumble.  I use my two canes anytime I'm walking out and I'm truly hearing from the Lord exactly where to go on the streets and watching the homes. 
     About 20 years ago, the Lord dropped this onto me.  The reason He has shown me where to go, usually from here to the a variety around our nation, because, spiritually, I have been shown re: the issues here up to thousands of years.  During those times other gods were strong and people and animals, etc., were sacrificed to and for the gods. The Lord has used me... and others... much of the time re: worshiping and glorifying the Lord and praying for the locations.
     I was a driver around our nation for more than 35 years.  NOW, since a hospital on Dec. 12, '15, indicated I can't drive any more... a brain thing ... it's a heart-broken issue for me. In these months, my husband and a couple friends have driven me around and most of those locations even when I had been driving around and used to worship and pray.  I did it nearly ever day then. Well, now I have it a couple times a week, wherever I choose, and, when sitting in the car, I'm still worshiping and praying and glorifying time.  That's all that counts. And the pictures are connected to the walking and the driving.  I'll share the clouds.  I'm a cloud addict!!!


  I can hardly get on the blog stuff any more, but I love and miss so many of you.   

     I'll be going to bed soon, and it's usually 11 to 12 hours in bed.  The normal situation now is that, when I'm in bed, I'm singing and worshiping until I am asleep at night and then begin as soon as I wake up at night a few times and then when waking up in the morning.   All I can do and, again, focusing on the Lord is all that counts.

Monday, July 25, 2016


[I'm sorry that I didn't write very well, but I tried.  I'll try another month or two just to share re: how the Lord has been so special to and for me.  That's a miracle!!]  
    Way back in Redwood City, CA, area, I was down from Tacoma, WA, with my former husband who had been born and raised in that direction, and about 4 months after we were married he suddenly took me down.   I was 23 to 28 years old down there.
      I had a friend, through church in Redwood City, Denise, who, for about several months, was babysitting my daughter and son
Her sons and my kids and their dad and me.
way back then, especially when I was working.  Renae was 4-1/2 years old and Steve was 16 months old when I was sent out of that place.  Suddenly,   through an amazing way, she was given a gift of about $600.  When I came for my kids, Monday, May 19th when I was off work, and she asked where I wanted to go sometime. I told her that I wanted to go to Omaha to see a long-time friend.  My friend, Susan, and I hadn't been together for several years, and had been friends at high school in Klickitat, WA.  I hadn't been told about her $600 gift right then, and, when I indicated where I'd like to go, and it would be nearly $200 on the plane for me and my kids, Denise said she'd give ME $300.  WOW!!   Because of Denise's gift of money, I and my kids were on the airplane to Omaha, May 24, '74. Thought I'd be in Omaha for about a couple months and then back to Redwood City.  Renae was going to be in school for the first time and that's what I anticipated.  Well, he indicated through a letter and a phone only a couple months later, that I could not come back.  He did not want to know or see me any more.  WELL, about 1-1/2 years later, a pastor had called me about his spiritual situation, and that husband talked to me and drove out a few weeks later.  He arrived December 5, '75.  Denise had seen him several times for a couple years before I left and about a year when I had left.

      I've lived in Omaha most of the time for 42 years.  I've been in Oklahoma for a couple years, when my former husband had gone down there in '82 to be a roof fixer and he was wonderful at that. Well, we ended up divorced in Oklahoma in Sept., '84, and I was back up in Omaha with my kids, in early September, able to be with lots of friends in that town, and special schools for my kids that they've loved being there.  Suddenly, and surprisingly, I had been married in September, '85. Now it's been 30 years... in September it will be our 31st anniversary ...  and he's been a wonderful person for me and my kids.  My kids and grandkids LOVE him!!
       OK!  This is the amazing situation.  I've always thought about Denise and wondered how to get together.  I was not back living in those western states.  I've driven out or been flown out to see my sisters and friends for about 38 years.            
Renae and Denise at our house
      THEN, Denise was here July 12th.  My husband and I picked her up at the airport and had wonderful time.  We've never known or seen each other in those 42 years.  The amazing piece that it occurred was through Facebook, b/c she connected somehow with me a couple months ago.  She decided to come to Omaha to be with me and to meet my kids.   She got to see Renae and Steve.  [BTW, my husband was a real blessing to and for her, too.] 
      She was here for a week and went back on Tuesday the 19th.  We put her at the airport and gave her lots of hugs!!

      Anyhow, it was a blessing to have her here.  She's about a year younger than me.  I'm 71 and she's 70.  
     Now I just wanted to tell how wonderful it has been.

Monday, July 11, 2016


      Oh, on Saturday, July 9th, I was officially 71 years old.  I
woke up a bit and walked around the house a bit.  But, normally, I struggle much.  A few hours later, nearly 2 in the afternoon, my husband came home from his job at our church and picked me up and took me to my daughter's home.  Was a blessing to see her and her husband and some of my grandkids, and my great-grandson.  Then, munching food pieces and hugging and kissing is all I could do for about 2 hours.   
       THEN my husband drove many of the areas outside of Omaha to the towns and the acres and the hills where for about a year, when going around that whole area,  I've been a
worshiper and a prayer and I praise and sing.  It took about 2 hours.  Then I was home and Saturday night I had a few wonderful phone calls. 
       NOW, tomorrow a special lady is coming from Washington and we've never spent time together for 42 years.  When I was in Redwood City, CA, when I was 23, we ended up in a church.  She, a few years ago moved up the Washington.  She'd been in that portion of California for MANY years, since she was a kid and in her early 60s to get to Washington.  Now she's flying out and being here in Omaha for a week and it's a HUGE blessing.  We'll be picking her up at the airport tomorrow.  My son and my grandson will be taking us to lunch in a couple days re: my birthday, BUT they won't know what a blessing this is until we're together.  When she was babysitting my kids when I was working, she was very special for me.  Until I was 28, and being a special friend with and for her and her kids,  I suddenly flew out here, which was a miracle.  My daughter was 4-1/2 years old and my son was 16 months old.  So, adding 42 years to their ages means they ain't young and they both have kids and strong jobs.  Can hardly wait to see her tomorrow and hope to spread her to my kids in a special way.  I'll show her lots of other things in the Omaha area re: what a blessing this was.    It will be a wonderful situation during this week.  Then she'll be flying back out to the west.
      Anyhow, I don't know when and how I can read your things, b/c I'll be doing much with my friend for a week.  BUT I'll try to look at all your writing portion.  She, I hope, can be reading something... maybe when I give her "The Annie Project"... I'll attempt to read your things during that time.
      As I've said to you in the past, and it's much of the present, my dementia has increased and my body issue is a challenge.  The Lord healed my heart very strongly when I was 28, 39, and 42.  And He protected and kept me when even as a kid and adult in a variety of places in our nation and other places when I could have been murdered easily.  Obviously, I'd have been in Heaven a long time ago!  Well, I worship and pray and glorify the Lord and rejoice and look at Heaven much of the time when I see clouds.  
      Bless you all.  AND you're a blessing for many people.  AND the picture of me and my husband was at the lunch time at my daughter's.  

Monday, July 4, 2016


      I wrote most of this a few years ago.  BUT every time of this stretch of 4th of July has always entered my attention.  It was a very strong and different time in and for me when I was a young kid.  As I often say, I would be 5 years old on July 9th, in spite of the fighting situation.  WELL, next July 9th, next Saturday, I will be 71.  I can't be on here often b/c of my dementia and body issues and how I can't read or write.  BUT many of you are special to me in my heart, if nothing else.  So, I'll share it again! [AND my Dad came to the Lord officially when he was 59 and went to Heaven when he was 65.  Mom officially came to the Lord when she was 82 and went to Heaven when she was 90-1/2.  SO, when I'm there, I sure hope to see them.  Can hardly wait!!!]


     I was NOT only 1 year old at the time, but it's the first main one I remember.  I was turning 5 years old near the 4th of July, because my birthday is on the 9th.
     My Dad hadn't been in my life on a regular basis until about a year before that. 

     In April, 1950, we moved into Kenton, Washington, near Vancouver, which was a slummy area and we lived in an ugly little house with brown asbestos siding.  The neighborhood had pigs and chickens running loose, and rats, and lots of dirt.  The kids were mean, too, and I was littler than most of them, having been born as a preemie.
      One day, shortly before the 4th, a 7-year old boy, a bully, came up to me and poked me under my chin with a firecracker punk and burned me.   When he took off, I ran to my parents and told them, crying, of course.
     My Dad made a decision.  The best thing that could be done was to teach me how to fight.  So, he spent time coaching me on the "old one-two" boxing punch.  He worked me hard, believe me.
     Then, a few days later, between the 4th and my birthday, the 9th, "Bully" came to the fence in front of our house and stared at me with a kind of mean look on his face.  My Dad happened to be in the front yard with me.  Dad nodded at me to go outside the fence.  He backed under a tree and watched.
     I walked out, looked at the boy, walked up to him, and took my right arm and swung it at him the way my Dad had said to do it.  I hit him in his stomach with swing number 1 and immediately hit his chin with number 2.  I said each number as I was swinging my arm.
     What did he do?  He ran away.  The bully had been bullied by a skinny, short, young GIRL.  Don't think he could ever have imagined that.  [And I bet he didn't ever tell anyone about it!]

Now, the results.

#1 -- Dad was pleased with how I did it.  Despite the fact that in our present day, a dad usually would approach the bully's family, back then my Dad handled it differently.  He had been raised as a fighter, period.  Family battles were constant in his life.  He didn't see a better way to deal with these tough situations.  So training me fit right into his view.  Seemed the safest thing to do for me.

#2 -- The portion of Satan planted thoughts in my heart that stayed there until I was 20 years old and came to the Lord.  And even then, it did not change immediately; it took some time.  The thoughts/lies were:  You're on your own.  You fight for yourself.  Can't trust anyone else to take care of you.

     And, this was the beginning of a life-style for me.  Yes, as you would see on some of my posts, I was a fighter, physically, from that point on.  [Some parents and kids considered me a bully!... Hmm!]
     The good result?  Now I am a "fighter" for our Lord and constantly focused on the spiritual warfare.  Fighting is not uncomfortable for me any more.  Why? Because my Spiritual Dad is now my Heavenly Father and when I obey Him, moving into a battle, fighting spiritual "bullies" for the sake of other struggling people, the results will be eternal.

                               Happy 4th of July!

Monday, May 23, 2016


Two days after God put us together... officially, May 19, '85... and almost no one knew about that for about a month, b/c we were trying to make sure this would really be happening, and carefully.  He was several years younger than me and had been buried strongly in the Lord.  Anyhow, on May 21, he came to my place and knocked on the door.  When I opened, he handed me an envelope.  He was going downtown to a special music situation and a couple of his friends from church were with him in the car. Since he was a youth leader, and my daughter was involved with him at church, the people in the car assumed it was something he was giving to her.   No one would know it wasn't anything for my daughter. Anyhow, as I said, it had my name on the outside and had a couple of what he had drawn on it. When I opened it, after he had gone, I was amazed. It was a poem that he sent to me. I've kept it for all these years in a picture frame for it to be seen. Anyhow, I'll show the words now and show a photo of it! He was a blessing... and his info re: us was quite unusual for me. AND he did all of it that day at the Base when he was there. WOW!!

How can such a tough cookie be so fragile?
      Yet you are.
      And I understand.

Fragileness is a part of your beauty, like a flower,
      and your willingness to risk hurt shown your strength,
           which balances and makes you whole.

I pray that i see your fragility,
      so i can trust you as i ought.
         I would loathe to crush the flower underfoot,
             when i desire to nurture you and grow you up in Jesus.

I pray the Lord's forgiveness,
      and yours,
if i'm not tender when i need to be,
     and tough when i need to be.



Since my dementia has increased, I can't read well and can't write well and can't follow through well.  It's been a bit more than a month since I've been on here.  I'm sorry, b/c I've loved and enjoyed so many of you.  But sharing this is very important to me.  Anyway, worshiping the Lord and focusing on Heaven and glorifying the Lord moment-by-moment, day-by-day, night-by-night.  BTW, I've read the Bible since I was a kid, and until several months ago.  Now I can read the Bible and the words, but I can't understand things nearly as well.  Now I'll shut up.  But just wanted to let you know, b/c I sure enjoyed being involved with you in these last few years!!

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Friday, April 15, 2016


                                      I'M A "HALLELUJAH" LADY!!

       A blessing how and that the Lord broke into me!
      I've shared this every year, one way or the other.  So, will share it again.   It sure hits my heart strongly every April 15th.  I rejoice for the Lord and thank Him overwhelmingly.  Because He truly is the joyfulness of my heart, soul, and spirit.
     To share it, as I often say, it ain't short, but is truthful.
     Bless you on my most blessed day.  My salvation changed my world, obviously, and the world of many others connected to me through my God-seed-planting since then.

I was 19 and at my friend Susan's house.

     For most of us U.S. folks April 15th is IRS day, for better or worse, refund or payment. However, in my heart, it is MY day. On April 15, 1966, at 6:30 PM, I accepted Christ into my life. Four months shy of my 21st birthday, living a life of heavy-duty sin and headed towards a significant amount of trouble, the Lord broke through. I have never doubted or questioned or regretted it. He had arranged for seed to be planted in my heart off and on since I had been very young, by school teachers, neighbors, or someone who just walked past me and said "God bless you", but the seed hardly survived. And then...
     I was living in Tacoma, WA. Towards mid-March a young woman at work, Carol, 18, was suddenly without a place to live and couldn't afford to fly back to her family in the St. Louis area. Donna hollered at work, "Hey, Joanne, you have place in your apartment. Let her move in with you." I didn't know Carol very well, but knew she was a sweet person -- and I WAS NOT!!! I knew it was the right thing to do, so agreed that she could, but I also said to her: You can move in with me. BUT I go out when I want to go out, I come back when I want to come back, and if you don't like it, you can leave.
      Amazingly, even hearing that "jerky" statement, Carol moved in. What I didn't know was that she was a Born-Again Christian. I didn't know what that was, anyhow, so it wouldn't have sunk in. Over the next couple of weeks we yammered about religion for hours nearly every night. She couldn't always come up with answers for me, so she connected me to Stan, a man in her church, and he would hammer topics out with me on the phone. Very straight-forward, which is what works best with me most of the time. I decided to go to church with her -- Portland Avenue Baptist Church. My second Sunday, on April 10th, it was Easter.  At the end of the service, there was an altar call and I knew I was supposed to go forward. I could feel the pressure in my heart ... my whole body ... in a way I had never experienced before... but I held on tight to the back of the pew in front of me so I would be able to not step forward and give in. I left church feeling pleased that "I won the battle."
      The next Thursday, at work, Carol banged her head at a desk in our office and ended up in the hospital. She would there until Saturday. I was invited to dinner at Stan's house on Friday, and enjoyed dinner with him and his wife and four sons. After we finished eating, and Anita had cleared the table, and the boys had disappeared to the living room, Stan had me stay in the kitchen with him and he laid the facts of Christ's sacrifice out for me very clearly. Stan knew how sinful I was ... he had a similar history ... and he didn't look down his nose at me at all. He knew God could turn my awful life around, no question. I told him that I believed what he was telling me about Jesus and His sacrifice and the possibility of salvation, but I said I needed to straighten up first or I couldn't come to Him. Stan, of course, said it was the other way around -- come to Christ and the changes would start to take place. I knew he was right, and I made the commitment and invited Christ into my life. In my mind, because of all the abuse I had experienced from many others, mostly men, this was simply a "contract"... no emotional attachment to the Father or Son, just an agreement to follow the rules He laid down and, if I messed up, take the punishment that would hit me. After my prayer, Stan and I went to a young adult Bible study, so only an hour after I was saved I made the public statement and they rejoiced. I remember that the next morning when I woke up my first thoughts were about the new life I had before me.
     And it was then, and has always been. Even though I was far from perfect, the Lord kept moving me along; He didn't give up on me. Stan wrote an article for a Baptist teachers magazine a year later and described someone who walked with the Lord, fell on her face in the mud, and climbed back to her feet again, and went forward and... fell on her face in the mud. How often this took place. He also said it was the climbing out of the mud and back onto her feet that made the difference. And that he trusted that as she grew in the Lord the pattern would simply be the walking.  

     AND he smiled and laughed to tell me it was about me when I had come to the Lord and was adjusting my life.  He winked at me.  Well, even after all these years, most of the time I can say that is true. Occasionally, I do end up with a little mud on my face, but it wipes off thoroughly ... by the blood of Jesus.
     Where would I be if this all had not come to pass 50 years ago? Most certainly no one would know me today. I would have been continuing to be involved with much of the sinfulness, and would have died from violence, alcoholism, or suicide. No friends, no family, and, most certainly, no hope for my future.

    The key word every time I have during my Re-birthday is:                                       HALLELUJAH!!  

[AND I was in the NW for 3 weeks with sisters in Clatskanie, OR, and got home a week ago, and this is a "me" picture when I am 70.  Think you'll smile!!]

    In August, 2014, when in Tacoma with a friend, and showing her the church I had been at when coming to the Lord, she wanted to take a picture of me at it.  It has had many different church groups and much of it has needed to be rebuilt.  But 50 years ago, it was my special place.  They truly put up with me and I was there for about 4 years until I was in California, and even visited there for several more years if visiting Tacoma.  The church members also were wonderful for my sisters who are younger than I am and they were cared for and loved.  Anyhow can't not show the photo again.  It's a blessing to have it with me when the picture was taken.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016


       I took this picture about 8 years ago when in a special place. It's truly truthful that I could have been slammed and grabbed and never got back onto the road since I was in a different location when heading around the rivers and mountains.  It was a miracle that this strange man, when I had stopped my car on the road, so I could take a photo of the Mount Rainier, which was near his place, he grabbed me into his large yard area and closed the wide yard door.  Then, after I took pictures of the mountain, he came out of his home, opened the yard door, and let me go out and get in my car.  Anyhow, God had protected me.  It was an amazing driving stretch in a different portion of Tacoma.  I got to my Mom's and to my sisters.  AND I've always thought of this as the Word re: the Rock!!  Always makes me smile when I see this.

       BTW, friends, since I'm heading to the NW on a plane on early Saturday morning, March 19th, I don't know when or how I can see the mountains I love, b/c the rain and cloudiness cover them much of the time.  I look forward to seeing sisters, family and friends out there.  I hope my computer will work and I'll blog on here when I can in Clatskanie, Tacoma, or Klickitat when with dear sisters and strong friends... or Portland, Vancouver, or Seattle when I can be with friends that will drop into my life and take me around.  THEN I'll be in Omaha very, very late on April 8th.  Leaving Portland airport about 7 at night, which dealing with the timing here, means it would be 9 here since our timing is 2 hours later than the ones in the west, so being home nearly at midnight.  A blessing to have my dear husband picking me up at the airport, holding my hand and giving me a hug and a kiss.  AND when he's taking me to the airport on Saturday morning about 5:30, he'll give me a hug and kiss when I'm into that going-away situation.  He's been a HUGE blessing for me for about 30-1/2 years.  Now, I'll shut up.  Bless you and yours!

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