Wednesday, November 11, 2015


     This was and is filled with reality.  In early September, '03,  I knew I was to go to Soroti at whatever time the Lord would have me hit the airplane.   Immediately, Dave and I both thought I would be murdered over there.  At the airport, November 12, '03, Dave and I walked for about an hour, and hugged and kissed.  We truly weren't sure if we'd be together again.  The plan was that Dave would be there in 2-1/2 months, because he'd be off work and could come to Uganda.  Truly hoped I'd be there and alive.    Miraculously, I was not murdered or beaten by LRA. However, a couple weeks before Dave arrived in the Kampala area, I had an extra amount of malaria and had serious post-traumatic stress.
     God used me to reach out and touch kids and adults and pastors.  It was truly an amazing time.  So that's why that Word is correct.  It was a HUGE blessing!
     BTW, even today I truly try to "do what the Lord wants me to do".  He is a blessing and a protector.  I can hardly NOT think of Him all day--- I DO think of Him all day and even when I'm sleeping.

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday


Shandra Harris said...

CaryJ, An inspiring and heartrending, post. Thank you for your faithful obedience to HIM. Visiting you form #STillSaturday this week. Feel free to visit back anytime. Be Blessed, indeed. Shandra

elizabeth said...

Pray, pray, pray and then obey, obey, obey is what Yonggi Cho always says.