Monday, November 26, 2012


It was a "God" thing.  Ya see, my sister, Niki, and I were leaving her place about 60 miles west of Portland, OR, and taking I-5 towards Vancouver/Portland.  It was a sunny, warm day... much different than the previous ones ... and we were having a nice drive.

We were going to Goldendale, WA, to see Berta.  
I could drive on either side of the Columbia River.  Bridges were in several places and easy to cross.  However, for some reason, we stayed on the Washington side.  I saw Multnomah Falls, and other falls, across the river, but still felt that staying in Washington was what should be done.  The scenery was lovely and the driving --- curving and climbing -- was fun.
Around 2:00, Niki said it was time for lunch.  [Doncha think she was right?]  We were in the small town, Stevenson, and I didn't know where to stop.  She suddenly, glancing down side streets, pointed to the right and said, "There."  I parked and a small antique and cafe shop was by us.  When we entered, we were the only ones to be served.  Had a nice menu and nice food.

While eating, I glanced around and noticed that on both sides of the front door scriptures were artistically in place.

SO, I asked the lady who we thought was the owner... also the cooker ... why the verses were before our eyes.

We talked for a short time, and she, Robbie, casually mentioned having been with an organization called YWAM.  Niki and I started rejoicing at her.  We've both had so many friends and contacts involved in Youth With A Mission.  She shared the locations she had been when younger and told us a number of stories.

Now she was a Mom with 4 kids and owned this store as an opportunity to take care of them and provide whatever was needed.
Before we left, after talking for more than half an hour [if for no other reason than I was there yammering with and for her] we prayed together, and Niki and I prayed especially that her business would expand sufficiently for her needs.

This whole experience fit into my spiritual motto:  Right place, right time.

We know we were used to encourage her.

We loved it.

We continued east from there, through more small towns along the river, and reached Goldendale a bit later than our original plan.  Why?  We were used by God along the way.

The next day we drove over to the Oregon side of the Columbia.  And it was raining, foggy, and not reasonable re: our timing to reach her house, since we left Berta's later than planned.

SO, for nearly the first in years, I did not stop at my favorite falls to listen, watch, walk and rejoice ... and grab a small rock or two.  The hard-hearted portion was because I knew this would probably be my final long drive out to the Northwest.

But Niki's instinct in her spirit, that this was the shop to be in, was so truthful, so right, so blessed.

AND Robbie was worth it.

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Lisa Lewis Koster said...

I love these God ordained meetings! I'm linked up behind you at Tell Me a Story.

Donna McMorrow said...

I love when we get to see God's hand at work. Good story.

Rosilind Jukic said...

Stopping by from Tell Me A Story: I am DEVOURING your see, I was raising along the I-5 corridor (Olympia-Portland) and I am far from home. I now live in Croatia. Those pictures from home were sooooooooooo lovely. And your story is awesome. I love how God leads our paths that way. My dad calls them "Divine appointments". :) So true! Have a great day. Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R:

Floyd said...

I love stories like that! Our Father's spirit within us speaks. Good for both of you for listening. How cool is that getting to meet a sister in Christ? A bond for eternity...

A Joyful Noise said...

An out of the way cafe, ordained by God. This dear lady needed your prayers and encouragement.
Thank you for sharing at Tell Me a Story!

Gayle said...

My friend owns the antique style shop in Goldendale. How strange is that?!