Thursday, November 1, 2012


What a day!!!  Enormously blessed, put in a frustrating flooded highway and, later, nearly scared to death.

Drove from Clatskanie to Astoria, Oregon, and then headed south a bit, expecting to go to Cannon Beach, my favorite place.

My niece, Dimidy, was with me and we were having a nice time in the car talking about her spiritual and personal plans.  Such a nice time... driving about 50 miles each way.

Then, just south of Seaside town, road signs indicated that some road flooding had taken place.  A river connected to the ocean had spread across fields and the roads.  I drove behind a number of the cars and then the depth became way too dangerous.  I took a "U" and went back north ...

stopping at Seaside instead of Cannon...  and Dimidy and I had a wonderful time.  Ate lunch, then walked to the beach and loved it.  Here's some of the history.

And photos of raining, foggy, windy.  [One photo I wish I had was of the wave suddenly overwhelming us and hitting over the top of my boots.  It was funny... and my feet were COLD!] 

Overall, a couple hours of hitting the tourism-based stores was a blast. [I found a really neat local artistic piece for my husband. OOO-OOO! He'll love it!].

Then we started back to my sister's in Clatskanie.  It was much darker than I had anticipated and it was very rainy.  The roads were filled with curves... which wasn't usually an issue for me.  However, this time, with cars driving around curves and lights hitting me in the eye, I was frantic.  Couldn't see the road lines on either side of my lane.  Making it, but not relaxing at all.

Suddenly, Dimidy and I saw a large dead deer in the road covering my whole lane.  I had to cross the double-line; cars were coming, but I was able to swing out and back quickly, no damage -- to my car.  However, my heart was pounding and I was stiffened.  My left foot had been hurt when I accidentally smashed it at against the door during that fast switch. [It's OK now.]

Made it home, survived, loved the day, loved my niece.  Couldn't have had a more wonderful day, overall.

And am very grateful to my Lord for protecting and keeping me surrounded by angels and buried in grace and mercy.



Anonymous said...

Just how I was praying for you - with peace and mercy surrounding you and for safety in light of the hurricane and possible storm problems! I loved the pics of the village where you stopped but the best pic was of you! Now I can leave this morning on our trip satisfied that I heard from you and saw you. You are so loved by ME

S. Etole said...

This must be why your name was before the throne so frequently yesterday. So thankful all is well.