Monday, November 5, 2012


As is the case with most people in the world, I never know when the Lord is going to drop me into the "right place, right time."  This one touched me for hours [and days], however.  Still rejoicing.

The first motel I stayed at on my trip to the Northwest was at Butte, MT, on October 19th.  When I arrived, the desk clerk was a really sweet and obviously caring young lady.   I liked Savannah.  Due to some computer connecting issues, I'd pop out to the desk to see if she could help me.  We ended up talking for a while. [Who, ME??]  The Lord was dropped into the conversation and she showed a real heart for Him.  Savannah is 20, going to a nursing school, and has this desk job.  Her mom has been a spiritual guide for her and is connected to the Catholic Renewals.  Since I had/have a number of friends in that same spiritual group, we had quite a bit to talk about.  Overall, it was a really blessed evening.

When I was heading home, I-90 east last Saturday, and not far from Butte, I knew I could stop near the motel and have my gas tank filled.  Then I would drop in and find out if Savannah was on the job.

Well, she wasn't working; had called in sick.  The desk lady was very nice, but we didn't cover too much territory at first.  She gave me a piece of paper and envelope to write a note to Savannah.

During and after the "note" time, the clerk and I talked.  I honestly don't remember what direction we went, but I know I told her I was really looking forward to reaching home and being with my husband.  Somewhere in there I mentioned Dave's and my age difference and how the Lord had brought us together in spite of what anyone [including us] would ever have anticipated.

Suddenly, she, who I had no idea was spiritually-oriented, grabbed my arm and said, "God sent you here for a reason!"  Then she told me that her husband is 13 years younger than she is and, after several years together, he had just recently prayed for his salvation.  They weren't going to church, yet, but were listening to Joyce Meyers and other speakers on TV.  Her husband particularly liked Joyce, because she is so straightforward and blunt.  He didn't have to wonder too long if something was OK. Somehow, amazingly, just as he was trying to determine what was right or wrong, a topic would arise and she, through the Word, let him know. And he changed.

Audrey and I talked for several minutes.  She gave me a special tiny rock her father, a pastor, had given her shortly before his death.   I felt blessed, believe me.  It will be in a special place on my desk.

In the future, Audrey and her husband, on their way to Ohio to see her family, will try to drive on I-80 instead of I-90 so they can swing through Omaha and visit us.  Can hardly wait!

I don't have photos of Savannah or Audrey.  But I have LOTS of photos of the land surrounding the town of Butte.  And it's a gorgeous area.  Filled with boulders.  Now, wouldn't ya know that has "piles" of MY attention?

What a blessed few minutes at the motel.  I never would have guessed during that driving stretch that the Lord was pouring His blessing on and through me to bless someone else.

[I'm home now, and TIRED.  In the next couple weeks I'll be dropping into you story after story the Lord dropped into my life while on this trip.  5,018 miles was obviously worth RMN4GOD.] 

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A Joyful Noise said...

The path that God provides may not be one we thought we would take, but you certainly were on time with your visit to Audrey. It was such a blessing to know her heart was touched by your visit. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

Tracy said...

Hi CaryJo, great story and great pics.
God bless

joy said...

What atouching story and awesome pictures. Dropping by from Tell me a story. My entry is from

S. Etole said...

What a beautiful area with its huge boulders.

Ro Elliott said...

we are neighbors at Jennifer’s...such wonderful story...i love how you try to be sensitive to His just be available to Him...just sweet...blessings~

Jennifer @ said...

Quite a journey you've taken. I'll bet your glad to be home. Welcome back.