Tuesday, November 13, 2012


What a blessed day it was.  You see, back in 1960 I became friends with Delberta shortly after we moved to Klickitat.

Berta is a couple years younger than I am.  Our parents were friends, too, so I saw her and her family often.

One of the biggest blessings for me in Delberta was her skill in fixing hair.  I WASN'T good at it [still not].  When there was a special event coming up, I would go down the street to her house and she could take a time to curl my straight, straight hair.  What a treat!

I left Klickitat the day after I graduated in May, 1963.  Rarely saw any friends there ever again.  Except Susie.  [And now others who have been dropped back into my life after all these years, which I'll post about soon.]

Through Facebook, Berta and I became "friends" about 3 years ago.  What a blessing to "see" her again and share news and notes.  Even though I had driven out to the northwest a couple times since that FB contact, and was in her general area and we hoped to connect, it wasn't possible . With my timing, she'd always gone somewhere to be with kids or grandkids or great-grandkids.  [BUT I was important enough to be put first, doncha think?]

THEN this time, we arranged a visit.  I could go to Goldendale, WA, which is about 20 miles up from the Columbia River.  

She said I could bring a sister to spend the night.  So,  I took Niki with me.

We had a glorious visiting, sharing time. 

As sad as it is, Berta's husband died of cancer last February.  Of course, we talked about that heart-breaking event, and she always smiled while tearful.  We were able to touch hands and hug, holding hearts.

A guitar was in the living room.  That blessed Niki.  She played it, one of her favorite things to doBerta sings beautifully, as does Nik ... and the 3 of us sang hymns and worshiped and shared until about 1 AM.

[And why did I choose this post color, although it doesn't fit in perfectly?  Her living room drapes and lovely vase and flowers.  Couldn't not smile when I saw this.]

 Had a lovely night and long blessed morning. Then her mom took this photos before we hit the road.
We reached Niki's house later that Tuesday afternoon, both of us filled with blessing.  One wonderful part is that, in spite of the fact that they had never truly known each other before, Niki and Berta hope to stay in contact, and share music, and be friends.

And, nearly 50 years later, Berta and I have again become good and dear friends.  A true God-blessing.  I couldn't be much happier.


Anonymous said...

What an overdue heap of blessings God provided through your visit with Berta after such a long time! Your music must have been heavenly. Thanks.

caryjo said...

The photo of you and Delberta in your dresses brings back so many memories. What a joy for all of you to connect once again.


caryjo said...

I reposted this b/c when Susie wrote it during the scam stuff it was deleted. I was hoping that if Delberta or someone else saw it later they would be blessed by her comment. So if this seems strange, just put up with me, please.