Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It was a wonderful hour.  I'd been wanting to meet Elizabeth.  We'd emailed for some weeks while I was planning my trip to the Northwest.  As a pastor's wife and buried in people [which is normal in so many churches] there was no guarantee that we would pull this off.

Then it happened.  We met in Vancouver.  My friend, Linda, with whom I was going to spend that night, and I had connected in the area where Elizabeth could come.

 We met again in April, 2011, after 45 years. Were
friends in high school many years earlier.
It was a blessing to see her again.
[Will tell THAT story soon!]

I recognized Elizabeth immediately when she climbed out of her car.  THAT is a surprise, since we hadn't truly "known" each other.

Could I say much more?  No.  We talked about blog issues, church situations, desires for the future for ourselves and others, and how to serve the Lord and share His love with others.  Is there anything that's more important?  I don't think so.

She had church office chores to take care of so couldn't hang out too long, although I think we could have yammered forever.  Had a pleasant hug... the photo taken by Linda. [And, during our sharing, Linda was touched by Elizabeth and our hope is that Linda will attend their church.]

THEN when I left the coffee/tea shop a few minutes after she did, and I saw the flowers and the gorgeous sunlight, I knew in my heart I would never see these photos again without thinking of her.

It truly was a blessing.     


Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

Thanks for sharing more of your journey. Hope you're getting caught up on rest and so on. Sounds like you're still pretty busy!

Laurie Collett said...

What a wonderful meeting, and beautiful photos as a reminder! Thank you for blessing us by sharing your journey.
Love in Him,

Betty said...

This post is a testement to one who will go the extra mile to love on others. Lovely pictures. Blessings

Gayle said...

It was a whirlwind blessing trip. I'm so glad you stopped by to connect with me as well!

elizabeth said...

What a sweet post! I enjoyed meeting you face to face so much!