Sunday, November 11, 2012


is my strength .... WAS my strength ... through the blessing of family and friends on this trip.  Would love to have pictures of all the dear ones, but don't; will share what I have.

 A spiritual warfare friend in northern MN that I hadn't seen since the Fall, 2006.  We lost our connection for years and, amazingly, found each other on FB shortly before I was heading in her direction.  We had a lovely breakfast together as I was heading West after leaving Susie's
My Dickinson, ND, friends Dave and I met in Uganda in '94.  First time I had a chance to visit them since '05.  A blessed night.
I posted about this amazing meeting the Lord laid in both our lives.  We have continued to talk... and will continue to do so.

This, Part A, ends and then, next, will be Part B.  And story after story that has not been posted already, connected to these people, will have to enter your lives, too, in the next couple weeks. 

Through this am filled with JOY,
 overwhelming JOY, after seeing my dear ones
 and meeting more.  
What a blessing.

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elizabeth said...

It was a blessing to meet you too! We just finished the most amazing weekend with Tom and Donna Cole of Pure Heart ministries, formerly of International House of Prayer K.C. and now working out of the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii. Basically it was a whole weekend of healing wounded hearts, then a commissioning type service today, to go out without fear and spread the good news! It was amazing!

So, I am really, seriously thinking of going to Deidra's retreat. My Hubs really thinks I should go too. Do you know if there is still openings?

S. Etole said...

Did Gayle make that beautiful quilt she is standing in front of?

Sounds like you met some wonderful people.

Gayle said...

I enjoyed your visit and sorry I missed your phone call. My brother is here for a visit,and I take him back to the airport for his flight home today.

A Joyful Noise said...

It is so lovely to put a face with a name. I am happy you were able to make your trip and enjoy each step of the way. Thank you for sharing at "Tell me a Story."