Thursday, November 29, 2012


This was QUITE a stretch of time.  I took Sarmila and Ranjit to Immanuel hospital at 5:30 on Tuesday afternoon.  The beginning of the baby's deliverance began that evening.  The Dr... an amazing one ... had indicated at our appointment the previous day that the labor needed to begin a few days earlier than December 2nd, the due date, because of what had been indicated during the ultrasound and checkup.
 I knew it would be a long time, at least one full night and day, but not sure beyond that.  Well, because of a pile of physical problems, I was awakened time after time after time.  They would holler for me and I would jump off the couch.  As a response, I held her hand, helped her change position, went out to the nursing area when a physical issue had hit unexpectedly, such as being way too hot, or whatever else was needed.  

By the end of Wednesday, the Dr. thought the baby's arrival could be during the night.  Sleeping became worse... less opportunity to rest, more and more problems.  And, the baby was not moving the right direction.  Sarmila is 4'7"... and the pregnancy put her body in a stressful situation as the little girl shifted from place to place.

Today, shortly before noon, we had reached the "pushing" process.  The Dr. came in to check her out carefully.  After about an hour of going through the pushing, we were given a short rest timeAfter the process began again, within about 15 minutes the Doctor said there was no choice, but she needed a C-section.  And it became an emergency-oriented aspect.  She and the nurses moved quickly.   Within 10 minutes they were in the operating area.  And, sadly to me, I was left out.  Ranjit could be there, of course.

It wasn't very long before I heard the news.  The baby had come easily and WOULDN'T have made it without the C-section.  Sophia's head was too large and in the wrong direction and it was a dangerous situation. She also weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz.  Pretty large considering her mom's size.
After it was all over, and I was ready to head home so I could rest and be with my Sweetheart, I was able to gently touch and kiss Sarmila's cheek in her recovery room, and then see and hold Sophia... 

... and Ranjit carried everything of mine down to the parking lot for me, and thanked me several times for helping them, caring for them.

His words touched my heart. They were a joyous blessing.  

[The nurses and Doctor and other helpers in that department have said many times that they appreciate me, that I'm an unusual helper.  And, believe me, with my forever working office job life that has nothing to do with hospitals, doing these "baby delivery God-jobs" 6 times and being reasonably accurate in my actions is ONLY because of the Lord. (Sophia is Bhutanese baby number 6 in the past 15 months.)  Don't know if this is the end or not... depends only on the Lord.]



Linda said...

You are thoroughly amazing Joanne. You shine brightly for Him and bless everyone around you.

Gayle said...

Oh, wonderful news! I am so glad they have their precious little one although it sounds like a hard birth. Bless you for being there!

S. Etole said...

So thankful the little one is here. Now for some rest for all of you.

elizabeth said...

Beautiful little miracle there!