Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This may drive some of you nuts, but when I was driving [or walking or watching], the sky sent me beautiful sights. Believe me, I often pulled over to the side of the Interstate to take photos or even held my camera up to the window. [THAT is not wise or bright, but I couldn't not do it.] And the sky kept me moving forward.  The states I don't have that I traveled through are my Nebraska and Susie's Minnesota.  A matter of timing. The photos are mostly shown in the order I traveled.  Too many pics in your face, maybe, but short and easy to view.

[I wanted to write a story today since I have so many on my heart from that trip, but I'm still too tired since my arrival home on Monday.  So this is what touched my heart to share today.]


Ruthie H. said...

Amazing photos! Thank you so much for sharing! God's creation is simply breathtaking! :) Rest up and I look forward to your stories. :)

Beth said...

Beautiful! The sky never ceases to amaze me and consistently blesses me on my drive to work (and back if I manage to leave before dark).
I have so much to catch up on with your trip. I am thankful you are home safely. Did you get the answers you needed on your stories? I have been remiss there and am sorry for that.

caryjo said...

When I updated the post, I didn't pull it up and didn't notice until this morning that the font was messed up ... never know when/how the computer issue is going to do that. One of our blogger struggles. Anyhow, NOW it looks consistently nice. And, Ruthie and Beth, you also are consistently nice, too. Blessings.

S. Etole said...

Such a beautiful covering. I especially like the colors in the third one.

Linda said...

You have so many precious memories to sort through! I love these pictures. I am always fascinated by clouds. They are so lovely.
Thanks so much for sharing these. I'm glad you're home safe and sound dear one.