Sunday, July 21, 2013


Physically, I'm struggling today.  Tiredness, dizziness, etc.  Tomorrow I have to hit the road to Portland area... not far from here ... and a couple days after that I truly begin to hit my way home, but won't be there until next Sunday night, at the earliest, because I'll be stopping a couple places in eastern Oregon to teach a couple blog-friends about a particular form of spiritual warfare. 

HOWEVER, I wrote this poem even before I came to the Lord.  I was about 19 years old; wrote it in Seattle.  How can I NOT share it today when I know my struggles are held in the Hand of my Dear Father Who loves me.  Nothing/NOONE else counts.

Oh, and today's Word that struck me is Nehemiah 8:10, The joy of the Lord is my strength.  And this poem has "joy" in it.


He gave me His hand and led me

Across stream,
and River,
and Mounta

He gave me His Spirit to draw me To the Wonderful

He gave me His Grace and Compassion
His Joy, His Righteousness, too.

He gave
me His Love and Mercy
And created a life wholly new.

He gave -- I received --
........Eternal Peace.
He gave -- I received --
.............Love never to cease.


Dina said...

Thinking of you today. God is your strength.
Dina (

caryjo said...

Thank you! Encouraging...

Floyd said...

Awesome poem... You pretty much do it all...