Saturday, July 13, 2013

JOYS IN HEAVEN ... and the Northwest

There will be joys in heaven
Words try to express -
"Love" and "comfort"
"Peace" and "Rest".
There will be joys in Heaven
Words try to explain -
"No more tears", "No more pain."

We'll be with Jesus,
We'll be with the Father,
We'll have total freedom and fellowship sweet,
With joyous communion around the throne,
Worshiping freely at Christ's dear feet.

But one of the pleasures that I'm longing for.
One of the joys that I want more and more
Is walking and talking with those that I love,
Walking and talking on streets high above.

No more separation by time or by space,
No more to be missing your sweet loving face
No more to be standing watching you go.
Walking and talking above.

So welcome us Jesus to the house you've prepared.
Let us adore you and worship you there.
Let us be ever, together, dear Lord.
Walking and talking above.


While today, driving to and from a portion of southern Washington and northern Oregon, I nearly drove off the side of the road.  I saw two of my favorite mountains.  Cascade mountains always break into my heart and fill me with joy. 

Since I was filled with joy, I decided to share this poem/song with you that I wrote back in Spring, '78, when my friend, Susie, was moving from Omaha to northern MN.  God dropped this in.  When I think of her, my husband, many family and friends, this song just overwhelmed my heart again.  If I had some photos of the ocean area I'd be sharing those, too.  Can't see enough gorgous natural gifts anywhere except in the Northwest.  My heart is overwhelmed with joy here simply by the beauty of the created world.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, beautiful song/poem (timeless) and beautiful picture of the mountains. There's just something "holy" about mountains, isn't there? Blessed week to you! Dina (

Floyd said...

Your joy counts as mine... Your heart is becoming mine because it is the heart of our Lord... I have a new favorite Mount...