Saturday, July 6, 2013


I'm hitting the road in an hour or so from northern Oregon.  Had a wonderful time here in this past 3 days and will be back in 3 more days.  In the meantime, I'll be all over Tacoma and Seattle.  Spending tomorrow with my blog sister, Gayle Roberts, and Monday on a ferry to Seattle and playing very happily.  Love the Sound and dear family and friends ... but LOVE Mt. Rainier.  Can hardly wait.

I wrote these poems about ten years ago.  They ain't perfect, but just couldn't NOT share them today when I have this mountain on my heart today.

This is what I shared about 3 years ago.  As I've often said now, since I don't have common computer access, I'm often just re-sharing my heart.

At yesterday's service, the last song was I Stand in Awe of You. It's one I like, but I had no idea it was going to overwhelm me. As soon as the lyrics showed on the screen, so did Mount Rainier.-- [An especially wonderful treat to swarm my heart and eyes here in Omaha.] -- A beautiful picture. My favorite sight ... period. Even though I've been blessed to see wonderful, breath-takingly beautiful scenery in other places in the world ... this one is "it" for me. A couple of my sisters who live in the Northwest have told me before that when they see the Mountain in all its glory they think of me and how much I would enjoy that particular sight at that particular moment in time.
I have lots of photos of the Mount
ain, but even the best of them lacks the true reality of the view.

Back in March, 2003, while I was visiting in Tacoma, a time when seeing the Mountain is not so frequent because of the cloudy spring days, I was seldom able to have the blessing of seeing it. However, there were a couple of times... and I
wrote some less than wonderful prose/poetry about it. But
decided that I would pop it your direction and you can laugh/roll your eyes and wonder about my addictive personality -- well not "wonder" about it, but have it proven once again.

I’ve pleaded with The Creator for just one more look –
Climbed atop my car in parking lots to take a photo
poles and power lines.
I’ve begged for a seat on the Mountain side of a plane
so I could gaze
– just one more time
When exiting the area.
I’m not sure why any of this is true.
Maybe I have a hole in my faith that needs visual reminders
that no matter the problems
or the challenges
The God Who made the mountain –
Can handle my molehills.
I’ve never thought of myself as a “groupie”
I’m not easily OVERimpressed.
But, today,
on a plane –
rubbernecking and photographing –
I realized
I am an unabashed,
uncontrolled, uninhibited, overawed
Mount Rainier groupie.
I don’t, like some, worship the Mountain,
I worship the Maker of the Mountain –
He who made the rain –
Made Mount Rainier.
I’m so glad He did.

Seattle to Bremerton
I despaired of seeing
“my” Mountain –
Too many gray days,
overcast, clouds plumping
around the sky edges...
BUT – on the ferry – out on Puget Sound –
we broke ‘round an island
in majesty
SHE rose off the horizon
– Center stage –
Robed in Light.
[I was ready to jump up and down and scream with delight!]
If you’ve never seen The Mountain –
You can’t possibly understand
the rush of awe, of joy,
I find with every encounter.


S. Etole said...

That second one is my favorite. It says so much.

elizabeth said...

Hi friend! We have two family reunions and a wedding in the coming weeks, what days will you be near me so I can see if it works to get together?

caryjo said...

Elizabeth, I'll be in touch. You are definitely on my visit list. I'll call you late this week. Thanks!

Floyd said...

Isn't it amazing to know that our Father knew when He rearranged the land that this mountain would be your favorite? He made that for you, sister...