Tuesday, July 30, 2013


In Tacoma, on Wednesday, July 17th, my daughter, grandkids, and other family connections, and I, went downtown.  Wanted to go through the touristy shops and a special location.  This place is a huge pile of Chihuly glass artware. 
HUGE!  A walking bridge area.  I'd always seen the blue glass when driving on the Interstate, entering Tacoma, but hadn't taken the time to go for this wonderful walk.

WELL, it was wonderful, but in more ways that one.

As we were walking across the bridge, in a bridge-covered location, a man was playing his flute.  The song at that moment was "Amazing Grace".  I decided to hold back for a bit of time and see if the musician and I could talk a bit.  This blessing of godly music touched my heart.

We talked... for about 20 minutes.  He is not ONLY a musician... but connected to Columbia and Uganda and other nations where children need to be brought to adoption.  A strong heart, a loving man.

John is in his early 50s.  He told me his back hurt.  He very strongly asked me to pray for him to be healed.  So, with people walking past, I laid my hands on his back, and prayed for him very intensely.  [Who, ME??]  And I have his name, email address, and ministry focus info, so now that I'm home, I intend to get in touch.

I went off to walk around the other artistic bits and pieces.  It was wonderful, gorgeous.

 Later, when walking back across the bridge, heading for the sidewalk and main street, he was still there.  We smiled, quickly hugged, and rejoiced together for another couple minutes.  What a treat!

Hope you love the photos.  Can't NOT include them.  Some over our heads, some in front of our eyes.  And, saying again, WHAT A TREAT!! -- both for a new spiritual brother and the view of all the gorgeous glass art. 


OH, and BTW, Chihuly went to the Tacoma Stadium High School.  One of my sisters knew him when she was there.  How amazing is that?  He's known all over the world now.

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S. Etole said...

Would love to see those glass pieces.