Monday, July 29, 2013


When, on June 30th, I left home for the month-long trip out and about to the Northwest, I was hoping I'd enjoy my time in Casper, WY.  Never been there before.  My grandson, Dyllon, was with me, sharing the driving during that 600 miles.  I had a motel reservation already.  Hoped it would be good.  [It was.]

There was a man who sat aside in a small eating area.  The clerk was sitting with him often and another lady, occasionally.  When I was walking past, to turn down our hallway, I always saw him there, looking quite tired.  But obviously cared for.

The next morning, when we were loading the car to leave, I saw him sitting there, and felt the Lord tapping me on the shoulder to greet him.  

He told me his story. Joe had been at the motel for two months since he'd had his "blind" eyes in surgery; now his eyes were better, but he was going to see the doctor regularly until the healing was totally in place.  He would be returning to another Wyoming area, but not real soon.  We talked for just a few minutes.  He did indicate that he is worried about how our country is moving along, allowing too much sinfulness to be accepted.  I told him I certainly understood.  He said he is a Catholic and looks forward to going to church. 

I asked if I could pray for him.  He said, "YES!"  So, I just held his hands and prayed for his health and to strengthen his heart for the Lord.  Then I asked if I could take his picture.  He was very pleased.  Then I asked his age.  Joe is 83 years old.  And a blessing for others and being blessed.  This is a truly good thing.

I was extremely frustrated the next day when my computer died.  I wanted to enter his photo, write this story, and share it, especially since it was my officially first time to be on the trip and having ministry pour from my heart and wanted to share it with all of you and encourage you.  Couldn't.  Almost cried.

I got home today and Dave "computerized" all my photos ... he had made a computer for me from his piles of pieces he has ... and now I'm back to normal.  Whew!  Now we are in each other's lives again.  Nice to see you; have missed you MUCH!!  When I finish reorganizing my life now, I want to read and read and read some more.

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Hazel Moon said...

I pray for Joe that his eyes will continue to heal, and that his spiritual eyes will be opened to receive more of Jesus. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you listened to the Lord's prompting and spoke with Joe.

Floyd said...

Good for you... You never miss an opportunity.... or a regular Joe...