Wednesday, January 27, 2016


When in New York, the first time for me in a summery time, and I was able to see many place and see a number of people.  Was there to take my daughter, Renae, out from New Jersey when she'd flown out a few months earlier and taking care of kids, especially in a couple homes.  Well, I drove out from Omaha, and stayed with her at that house, and then was driving up north to another friend I hadn't seen for many years, since about '67.  Then Renae and I had gone down to Washington, D.C., and could stay in a house connected to when my husband at the Offutt AFB had known a couple who had moved and been in the D.C. location.  A few days later, after back up to the family kids in New Jersey, we drove all the way home.  Didn't spend any time at a motel.  We drove for that 1200 miles-ish time.  We both were driving and resting in the car.  Left N.J. in an early afternoon and got home in Omaha in the mid-morning time.  I slept for a day or two after that... DUH!... but it was a blessing to be out there and to be home.    AND, BTW,  when walking in the NYC area for the first time, this man I saw sleeping just off the sidewalk and sure grabbed my attention.  So, I had added a Word on there about 5 years ago.

Leaving home!  My birthday had been the day before leaving!

My first time on the huge "boat".

And we were leaving; she and the parents and kids loved each other, then and forever!

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Floyd Samons said...

Cool memory and awesome pictures! Man, how the time flies.

Hazel Moon said...

Sleeping in your car is often where the homeless who are rich enough to own a car sleep. Your trip to New York was awesome, and the sights were educational in more ways than one. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.