Thursday, January 14, 2016


This has been a verse that's very strong in my heart, as I indicated.  That picture was taken of me by a lady I had been walking with and staying with in that portion of California back in early April, '09.  I strongly drove out from Omaha to hear at the location of Joel Rosenberg.  The Lord had told me strongly to go and to drive, not to fly out.  On the way I did a lot of praying and worshiping situations.  I had never been in that town,  and, while driving from Omaha, I saw much in many places along the far  southern portion of California.  I'd lived in San Mateo and Redwood City [south from San Francisco] during  '69 to '74 when down from Tacoma, WA. Then, had hardly been into much of California since the Lord sent me to Omaha in May, '74. So, yes, I'd driven through a variety of the portions in California over the years, just popping down to help someone, 
or take someone there.  However, I had never been in the San Diego area.  A lady I was connected by a long-time friend here in Omaha, she drove me around a lot of places in San Diego so I could see homes and churches and a lot of the firing situations in a special portion outside of the city.  I saw a LOT right then! 

BTW, hearing Rosenberg's speaking pieces 
and the ones he'd put in to share that day, too,
 was very surprising and wonderful!! And I brought some books home of Rosenberg's.  However, one was special for my husband when a book from LTG. William G. Boykin.  He was speaking re: U. S. Army during this speaking day.  Many military people were at this portion and thousands were at this Rosenberg sharing situation.  The man wrote to Dave:  "Thanks for your service."  Dave had been in the Offutt AFB many years doing many things.  This book was a blessing!

And a day or so later I was driving home which took a few days, and seeing friends in other states.
  That was a blessing.  
Anyhow, that Word has been strong at me for many years.

In the past 30 years I've often driven nearly every year from Omaha to the Northwest area to see my Mom [who is in Heaven now], sisters, nieces, nephews, friends.  I was raised in that area most of the time when I was 7 and about 23.  Had been a few different places, but mostly fairly short times.  Tacoma has been my "home" situation for many years.  Oh, and my husband has driven out there a few times when he had time from his jobs.  And sometimes we've flown out.  
AND, my family sure has loved and appreciated him.  
Dave is a real blessing!

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Hazel Moon said...

Yes, that is also my prayer, I want to always delight to do His will. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.