Monday, January 25, 2016


      This boy that I was used to pray for him when he'd been wounded and torn away from his parents months earlier by the Lord's Resistance Army.  A few days later, after shortly having been with him for only about 15 minutes, I was told that he was in the protection location the day before I was with him and hadn't been able to know anything of his parents.  When I was praying for him, he was crying and put his hands over my hands.  The language was being translated.  I found a few days later that a couple guys had been out to find his parents, let them know he was alive, and they got together.  It was a real dangerously stretch for so many family and friends then... thousands had been broken into and through so much of the danger and so many murdered.    Since he was 10 then, he's now in his early 20s.  When in Heaven, over the next dozens and millions of years, I sure want to meet him again.  Or so many of the others that I was used for by the Lord then during December, '03 and January, '04...3-1/2 weeks in both of those times.  Still love the Soroti pastors and so many of the others that I was involved with.   Miss them MUCH!

One of the other kids, about 12, and badly damaged.

       Doing what I could do whenever I could.  Jill was a huge blessing for me, BTW.  We became strong good friends then and have loved her ever since.  She's come here from England and/or Uganda and I was to see her in England shortly after our connection.  A blessing broke into my life through her.  And Dave and I were a blessing to her.  Worth a smile and wink right now!

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Hazel Moon said...

Praise God for missionaries and for you that you could go at that time to assist, pray and bless. May God rest over you and bring you His joy even now when it is harder to minister. Your prayers do avail much. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Floyd Samons said...

What a blessing to be used by our Father to touch the lives of His beloved. Good job, sister.