Monday, January 11, 2016


      This Word of God is filled with truthfulism.  Focusing on Him in the Bible and in the world and in the Heavenly area is what counts. And He is WISE and He is PERFECT

       I'm very heart-broken much of time now.  Way back then He had shown through the Words when using His people.  Also,  He dealt strongly when portions were broken through, because other gods and the other non-God angels doing much wrong and dropping much into the minds and lives of many in tribes, towns, or a variety of places in the world.   Now, when seeing so much on the news or in newspaper, much of that former sinfulness is fully accepted in many locations, including most of our states and most of the nations in a variety around the world.   Makes me cry, etc.  Even when I was a young kid, in the '50s and '60s,  much of it was NOT an OK thing,  and I knew it strongly all around where I was living or walking by the street homes and in schools.  And even knowing it I used the bad words and much of the other stuff I also was doing, and I was a fighter as a kid.  And most people I'd heard of the Lord many times, especially in my early teens, and when filled with sinfulness, especially when 18 and 19, I knew it was wrong and I was considering suicide. I didn't think I could change my life and just wanted to kill myself.  The Lord broke in and protected me and used me, eventually.  It's was nearly 50 years ago that I accepted Christ.  
      However, even though much of the sinfulness portions back then that I truly knew were un-Godly, now most of those things are fully acceptable even in many of the churches, schools, and homes -- the small kids, the teens, college kids and way above them.  I was upset in my age of 50s and 60s [1995s and 2005s] re: what had changed officially in our world.  Now it's even stronger and I'm 70, and some of the people in my age-range think I'm too picky.  For instance, what truly is a sinful situation that's in my mind and heart when reading around and looking around, and they hear of it somehow, and they shake their heads and stay away from me.  
      Anyhow, this is my present-day heart issue.  See much, hear much, and cry much.  AND, as I said, He is WISE and He is PERFECT!  All I can trust on and rely upon, forever and ever. 


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Hazel Moon said...

Keep trusting God for your deliverance. We do live in a wicked time, but God is faithful and he is ever present to assist and protect us. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Floyd Samons said...

Nothing wrong with following the heart of our Father. There are no grays, it's all black and whites, right and wrongs. The enemy is using the flesh of this fallen world to appeal to our sinful nature. Glad you're standing firm in heart!