Thursday, March 14, 2013

TUMUHAIRWE ... more info

Our son, Sam, not knowing I'd made this post, sent an email to me.  Thought I'd share it, just to give more info to those who would like to know.  Years ago, believe me, we wouldn't hear much very quickly.  AND, in those days, burials were usually within a day, two at most.  For them to be putting it off for an extra 3 days for a daughter to arrive from the States is pretty amazing.  Life has changed.  I'm happy for her to be blessed like that. 

Oh, and Robert's son was the one taking the cobra home for dinner.


Good morning mom,

I am not sure whether you have already know by this time – but Robert Tumuhairwe died Monday morning of a cardiac arrest. Burial has been delayed to this Saturday because one his young daughters has been leaving in the States and they wanted to wait for her for that. He has had high blood pressures and a few other complications here but nothing major.

When he left New Hope, he first worked at the Deliverance church as a church administrator and then worked with the compassion project in the same church as their project director for a few years. He resigned that and went back to Mbarara to establish a farm and spent most of his time there though he would be coming to Kampala frequently since his family had stayed in Kampala. He moved back to Kampala and by the time he died he has been pasturing a church which had started in his home as cell-group.

Have a good day,

Would love to be there for the burial.  If for no other reason, it would be to see, hug, hold hands with so many of our dear ones who would be officially saying "Goodbye" to Robert.  So many we love, so many we miss.


Gayle said...

Yes, being there would be wonderful and healing to all. Being there in spirit is sometimes the best we can do. They can feel your love and care I know.

Floyd said...

I'm sorry for your loss. God has Him at rest and peace now. I'm praying for Robert's family. This sure isn't the Garden of Eden is it?