Sunday, March 31, 2013


What a day that was!!  I was one of the first arrivals... since I'm just a couple blocks away and Rupa's aunt had come to my house about 10:00 to dress me in my sari.  Sure can't do it myself!!  When Dil Maya and I walked up the street and into her apartment, one of her nephews held my hand and walked me across our busy street -- it's crossing the lanes and getting on the median between lights; not overly intelligent to do that, but saves about 2 blocks of walking.  I was there about 10:45.

So here's my first picture of Rupa and Nima.  They were down in the fellowship hall putting some of the small bits and pieces on the cake table.

Gradually, others arrived that were involve in one aspect or another, of course.

Originally, the plan was the wedding would begin at noon.  WELL, there was no rehearsal, no chance to practice almost anything. Why?  Almost no one was there on time, and it just couldn't be done. 

My husband arrived to play for the wedding, but all he could do as he had time was some extra practice. 

One of my blessings was that Nima would occasionally just come and put his head on my shoulder.  Once I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
Now I'm officially his grandma. And I love him dearly. 

Now it will mostly be photos.  The first two are ones I took of Rupa and Nima at opposite parts of the church, just officially wedding dressed.  Love it.

 Then the pre-wedding photos of them, their family and friends in their ceremony, that began around 1:00. 


Then the "married-now-and-forever" one.

I took about 80 pictures yesterday.  Not nearly enough, of course.  But couldn't not share a few with you.  The photo of Dave and I with Rupa and Nima will be sent to us through their official photographer; whenever it shows up, I'll have to pop it into your eyes.  [BTW, the photographer is my church friend who became very involved with Rupa's family when they arrived from Nepal, late Feb., '11.   Stephanie was one of the EBC-ers who provided what they needed then.  Now she and her husband truly are family for them and Rupa, individually, truly became one of their daughters.  Stephanie and Joe helped choose and purchase the wedding gown, which is a real treat!]

The wedding planted blessings into the hearts of Christians and seed into the hearts of family and friends who are [still] Hindu and Buddhist.  But many came to the service, heard the Word, heard the Truth, and saw it in the hearts of these young ones and their many family and friends.  I don't know enough of Nima's history, since he arrived here a few months ago and has been working so many hours, but I DO know the approximate time that Rupa officially came to the Lord which was not long after she arrived from Nepal.  Spring of '11.  Her first communion was at our church for Good Friday service, and I helped her go forward for communion and Dave stepped aside and held our hands and prayed.   And now he played for her wedding. How cool is that?

So... YES, it was a wedding.  But, in my heart it was far more than that!  Knowing where Rupa came from and where she has grown and now who she is with that will be a continual blessing for her, well, it just is filling my heart with joy.

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Nina said...

What a blessed day joining the beautiful couple together - congratulations, May the Lord keep them close to Him and one another!

victory said...

What a blessing! Thanks for sharing the pics on your blog. Such a beautiful couple...

Gayle said...

What a special day and I am so glad you were a part of their lives. You look gorgeous in your outfit by the way! They are a beautiful couple, I wish them a lifetime of blessings.

Janis Cox said...

I love weddings and this is such a blessing for you.
Happy Easter too.
Thanks for coming to He Cares for Us.

A Joyful Noise said...

Such a blessing and great fun too to be a special part of their wedding. A wonderful testimony to the friends and family that Jesus is alive and real.

A Joyful Noise said...

Thank you for sharing at "Tell me a True Story." Such a beautiful couple and your part as well, including Dave of course

Floyd said...

That's so cool that God uses things like this to open the eyes of His chosen... Good for you for doing your part... You always do...