Monday, July 7, 2014


I can't give the dates and the exact locations and the people.  It would hurt some hearts with world-wide info.  So, I'll only give the story and event bits.  The Lord laid it on me to tell this some time ago, and I'm doing it now.

In the mid-time of Spring, about 10 years ago, I was asked to drive out to mid-Colorado and help a small family load their basic home items and pour to them protection and encouragement.  I would be with them wherever they were moving which was several hundred miles east of their Colorado town.  I had loved this family, and truly wanted to help.  That was no questionable issue.

I was driving West from Omaha, and  worshiping loudly, as usual.  Suddenly, while about 300 miles from home, something jumped into my head.  I had been singing, thinking, praying, and worshiping and then I suddenly said, "And why am I the one who is going there and doing this?"  And I suddenly heard the Lord speak to me rather loudly.  He said, ""


When I reached the location... about 650 miles from home... I was greatly welcomed by that couple.  Then, met other family members that lived nearby them, and they were NOT happy to see me, because they knew I was helping them move and they didn't want them to leave.  It also became very clearly that other gods were being worshiped by the outside family.  I was shown much, around and about, while taking my friend's small boy with me, mostly going to stores and parks.  THEN, at the end, to a cemetery so he'd see his uncle's burial location and say "goodbye".  And, taking him around, gave his folks a chance to do housework without watching him and keeping track of him. 

I was busy all day.  I have a photo of the two of us that is still on my refrigerator after all these years.  His dad took a picture of us when we were sitting by the porch near where stuff was being loaded into the U-Haul and we were munching ice cream cones.

The next day, fairly early, we hit the road to my house in Omaha. The driving went OK.  I had actually thought I could go ahead of their two cars, get home, and prep before their arrival, and hug and kiss my hubby before they got to the house.  One of my friends, and the Lord, laid it on me to follow, lift them up to the Lord constantly, and keep an eye on whatever was at risk for them and theirs.  So, I pulled in our house right after them instead of ahead of them.

The next day, we hit the road to go further.  Another 500 miles.  Again, I was the follower, because, when on the interstate, I was reminded by my friend, to follow, not to lead.  The Lord laid it on me, too, very heavily.

Miraculously, I truly was in the right place.  Suddenly, a couple hundred miles away from Omaha, the wind suddenly struck the U-Haul, attached to his van, started to turn up and down, side to side, and beginning to crush the whole thing.  To be behind, seeing, praying, hollering to the Lord, to angels, to Godly protection, it suddenly straightened back down.  Shortly after, we stopped to eat lunch at a fast food place, and were so amazed, and praying together, how the Lord took care of this.  Another five hours or so later, they were where they needed to be.  AND, all these years later, they still are at that house, and are special and wonderful Godly-oriented people and mixed with many spiritually strong people in their area.  It's a blessing.
 So, the Lord telling me to go, telling me I was His choice, and obeying Him when driving approximately 2400 miles [including my return home the day after they reached their place] was a real heart-treat for me.
 Hope you will rejoice, too, about how the Lord enters lives and saves lives and pours many blessings.

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Hazel Moon said...

What an amazing story showing your love for your friends, and obeying to follow and not lead. It was good for them to move and find new Godly friends. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

S. Etole said...

Reminds me of the song, "Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow."

Floyd said...

Wow… That's an amazing story. Our Father walks us through the valley, through difficult times, but it's to show His glory and sovereignty to the lost world. You are His hands and feet, and you can be trusted!