Saturday, July 19, 2014


I'm a "cloudy" rejoicing person.  BIG TIME!
And rejoicing about other things, too!

Clouds, or no clouds, I've had one of the nicest days in a long stretch of time.  And filled with rejoicing, over and over again.

I was able to get in touch with a friend in Omaha who was part of a very serious friendship necessity.  We were put together about 10 years ago by a pastor's wife in a local church where Dave and I attended for a few years.  Something serious was occurring at a Christian Jr. Hi/Hi School area back then, around the NW portion of Omaha.   It dealt with some of the serious spiritual "underground" issues [we call spiritual mapping], and I was/am a worker for that "battle" info to spread/share it around and have it broken down.  Kara and I became very good friends, when introduced, but in a few years, she was very stressful as family parents were very sick and died and she was in charge of it all.  Other situations just piled on her seriously.  We talked for 50 minutes this morning on the phone, the first time in about 2 years, and she truly wants to get together whenever she can have the time. Hopefully, in the next couple weeks, we'll make it and can rejoice together.

THEN, shortly after, I heard someone hollering for me on my

porch.  When I went, I was overwhelmed again, b/c Hanna Farwell had shown up to drop something off for Dave re: how he's putting computers together for them and planning to take the computers to their house in northern KS, about 3 hours south of us now.  They used to be about 5 minutes from us.  AND we were spiritual warfighting people, significantly.  We connected about 6 years ago.  Anyhow, with the family in town for the day in another place, she drove over and showed her baby -- baby number 13 -- and I held him.  She blessed me and prayed for me for my health before she left about 1/2 hour later.  [AND I don't look good, b/c the wind was
wrapping my hair around and about, but sure enjoyed holding the little, little boy!!]


THEN Dave and I went to lunch with one of our Bhutanese families... Sarmila, Ranjit, and their baby Sophia. [Photos just fit into my time with them at their church.  Dave couldn't be there very often, because he works at other churches, plays piano/organ for worship.] They have been our son and daughter and granddaughter since they've been here.  God also used me to help at the local hospital to be involved in the delivery of this granddaughter.  She'll be 2 years old in December.  She's a constant treat for
Dave and I when we can get together.  She's been told so many times that we are her grandparents and that she should smile and kiss us.  She's doing it more often, not always running away.


Got home just a short time ago, and could NOT tell you what a blessed day it has been.  And Kara and Hanna and Ranjit are planning to get the book.  YIPPEE!  [And Kara
wants more photos of the book and more of the info... so I'll be emailing that stuff to her today.]

This truly has been an amazing day!!!   And I'm heading for church this evening, because Dave is playing piano during the worship time and I always love to hear him -- AND I'm a worshiper!!!  And one of my church friends asked me on fb whether I would be there tonight or tomorrow [probably both] to sign the book that she has already received.  WOW!!!  Adds to the amazement, doncha think?

I'm filled with so many blessings now!!  In my heart, soul, and spirit... and lifting many to the Lord for healing, for joyfulness.   It's another HALLELUJAH!!! day. 

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Floyd said...

A blessed day from our Father, you're too wise to take them for granted, sister! Thanks for the reminder!

Hazel Moon said...

Babies and more babies, such a blessing. Yes, sign your book with a short message to the person. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” At: