Monday, January 28, 2013

PSALM 92:15

This is the verse that the Lord dropped into me
 this morning when I was in the Word.  I was pleased. 
 Means I'm back with my friends again.
It's been 10 days since I've posted.  WHY?   The Lord had me reorganizing my home office, restructuring hourly portions that would be more and more involved in scanning photos -- thousands -- and writing/editing/rewriting hundreds of pages for stories/teachings/sharings/poems/plays/skits, all either short or long --some go back about 40 years.  Not finished, OF COURSE, with the photos and writings -- just beginning this part -- but am moving forward.  During this stretch of housework, I donated books to my church; gave away house items; sorted, resorted, and shredded hundreds and hundreds of papers (income tax stuff from the past years and years, and lots of  family filing I had done over the past stretch that could be discarded).

And, because of the office re-organization, I had to adjust and re-organize a couple other portions of our house.  [Including, removing the Christmas tree and re-doing the living room at this same time.]  I've been one busy cookie for a week.

 So, NOW, I'm BACK.  Not entirely done -- as I said, the writing and photo scanning are just in the beginning organizing process -- but I'm BACK.   

[Hopefully, in the next 3 months THOSE basics will be in place.  That's my goal.]


S. Etole said...

Good to see you here again.

Susan Stilwell said...

Ahh Joanne, I need to do some office clean-up of my own. Hopefully I can get around to it in the next week or so. Glad you're getting back in a groove!

Floyd said...

I wondered where you were! Glad to hear you were getting organized. It helps me to think better when I'm organized... it just slips away so fast!