Sunday, January 6, 2013


Been playing this childhood game
at an unchild age --
hiding from a formidable foe --

The Heavenly Father

Silly, isn’t it?
He knows all,
sees all,
in kindness,
seeks all--

and finds all --

all who are seeking Him.

But I’m hiding --
my flaws,
(especially those pesky sins)

-- like a 2 year old --
cover my eyes,
in self-delusion
believe that if I can’t see Him,

He can’t see me.

I hide from His hand --
still not quite believing,
still somehow cringing
Still afraid --


for the other shoe to drop.

Of what am I afraid??

That my heart will be revealed for all to see --
transparent before Him --
(and man)
pride rooted out by my
Who loves me --
(even me).

Forgive me --

Abba, Papa, Daddy, Father,
for the sin of hiding --

When Your heart’s desire from me
is more

--simply more --


I wrote this poem at least 10 years ago... probably closer to 20... and posted it nearly 3 years ago, as I had just begun to "live" online this way.   Now that I have so many new friends, and love to share more about what is truly "me"... such as this poem ... I'm posting again occasionally.

ALSO, with the attempt to reorganize my blog, something crazy happened and most of it isn't organized the way I had intended for it.  SO am still trying to find the way to get it done.  However, may take some time.  Please put up with me.

1 comment:

Floyd said...

Awesome poem and insight into the hearts of yourself and all of us. We're all more alike than we're probably comfortable with, but our Father is the bond and comforter.

Made me think of Jonah... as if we could ever get away from our Father.