Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sometimes God creates an excitement... when not at all anticipated.

About 5 years ago, I struggled to come up with a license label that would give my "life anticipated" God-job. I really wanted to have "Travlin4God", but couldn't drop enough letters to make it fit into the plate requirements.

The pic of it was my final decision. And I was OK with it.

WELL, while at the Grand Canyon last weekend, parked in a marketplace, walking to my car, I saw a young couple walking by the car and heard the gal say, "Ramming for God?" She had a very questioning look on her face, also a bit of 'that person must be crazy' side. I hollered, "No, 'Roaming for God'." They said, "OH!!", looked more casual, and walked off.

However, as I thought about it a few seconds later, I realized that her "translation" was probably more accurate. Not that I ram, and ram, and ram at people the way I heard in Seattle years ago.

Back in 1964, a man stood on a corner downtown, who I passed nearly every day as a title insurance policy-delivery job in the local buildings. In fact, as I heard him over and over, I sometimes went a block or two out of the way, just to avoid hearing him holler "If you don't know Jesus, you're gonna go to hell."

So, NO, I don't "ram" like that. But, I guess I have to admit that I "nudge" a lot of the time. I DO try to be more like another gentleman who planted seed in my heart in ways I never would have guessed.

I was delivering policies at a skyscraper, standing by the elevator, and a man approached me and asked for directions. I was able to give them and he very kindly said, "God BLESS you."

A couple years later I came to the Lord when He broke into my life. Those two men had planted seed. One was true, but scared the tar out of me. The other made me want to know God in a way of "Blessing."

So, my license plate can give either message. I just hope it's somewhere in the middle, and has good results.

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S. Etole said...

That man's blessing has carried through abundantly in your life, hasn't it?!

So good to hear you are home.