Thursday, June 9, 2011


May 29, Memorial Weekend, our local Bhutanese Christian group, some of my "family", were baptized in a local lake. A COLD local lake.

I was filled with joy as I watched. I'm going to pop some photos here, names on them, and you may recognize them. I'll "link" them when it's someone I've shown or mentioned before. I'll place some comments as needed, but the exciting part was when some Hindus and Buddhists come to the Lord in the previous few weeks, months, and days [I was screaming HALLELUJAH!!! when my "boy" Kharka made that decision just a week earlier. So to see him there standing up solidly for the Lord just overwhelmed my heart.].

Here are some links. Probably could do it more practically, but don't know how, this mis-techy person.

Phurba, G-Pa, Rupa.

Here we go; thanks for your patience. I don't have all the photos I'd love, but these are pretty good, overall.

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S. Etole said...

A day for rejoicing both here and in heaven!