Monday, June 27, 2011

RMN4GOD.... but...

Heavy sigh.

Before I drove out to the Northwest in April and to mid-May, and before Jill came from England/ Uganda for six weeks and we were going to the Grand Canyon and then up to northern MN to visit Susie and other friends.... Before all of that, after nearly 20 years of "Roaming for God", being in the right place, at the right time, to help others or serve God or be helped and served ... Whichever way God would guide... He began to speak in my heart and mind and say, "When Jill leaves, when those trips are done, this ministry is finished." I drove approximately 8,500 miles during those 3 trips, April 26 to June 23. She leaves tomorrow. I'm done.

And, as my husband or others might ask, "And how does this make you feel?" I'm not sure. Sometimes I feel teary; this has become my "life". It was so exciting at times, so amazing to hear and see His instantaneous plans come to pass. However, it also was, occasionally during those times, tiring, frightening, intense.

Now, do I feel useful here in Omaha? Yep. Have a lot of the Bhutanese and others on my plate on a regular basis. Love them. In fact, will be going to the airport twice in the next 18 hours to pick up "family" members who are arriving from Nepal. What a blessing! We have our first wedding on Saturday, Kharka and Usha who left the Hindu religion and came to the Lord just recently. What a joy that will be. Some helping with my yard and rushing and hugging and kissing me every time they see me. Who could ask for anything better than that.

But... with no more "roaming", what will come? HE knows, since He's the One Who closed one door, He's the One Who will open the next one.

Suddenly... as I typed that ... I realized that whatever comes down the road -- even lacking me driving my car -- is going to be another "filled with excitement" journey.

Yep... filled with excitement by my exciting and faithful Father.


Simply Darlene said...

And I am so blessed to have been part of your PNW journey! What a blessing to meet face to face and hold hands in prayer. Love and hugs to you.


S. Etole said...

It's always a blessing to be a part of your journeys.

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Anonymous said...

I'm kinda' sad that your journeying will be over. I loved sitting in your living room and hearing every detail of your roamin' and all the miracles He threw into your path. However, He isn't done throwing miracles your way - so can't wait to hear about them too. Me

Beth said...

I'm backtracking, so I now know you're in the hospital. From comments you've made from time to time, I get the drift that God knows your body needs a rest that all that driving can't give.
You're doing remarkable work with the Bhutanese--such patience you have.
Rest, friend. Let your body heal. You're in my prayers.