Sunday, May 22, 2011


The main reason I was in Tacoma at this particular time was so we could place Mom's ashes in her favorite park, in the same part of town where she had been born nearly 91 years ago.

My sisters, some nieces and nephews, and family
iends and acquaintances arrived on Mothers Day. We walked around for a bit and took photos of family and the park.

Right before the ashes were po
ured into the pond, one of my sisters asked if, since I hadn't been there for Mom's service, if I would like to say something or pray. "YES! I'll pray." And, I DID. I rejoiced and I thanked the Lord that Mom was with Him, that He had taken her home to Himself, and that we now how an opportunity to say "goodbye" one last time. [One of my sisters slipped up to me afterwards and said I had done good.]

I left a few minutes later, and began the drive home. The Lord has indicated that it was my last trip out there ... if nothing else as a solo driver. But, without Mom and the need to check in on her and help others who were spending their time with her, there is no more reason to assume a trip out ever year or so.

But it was a wonderful time with my family and friends.

And there's always going to be heaven... that's what I count on!!


Simply Darlene said...

A person really needs to click on that last image to see the beauty of it.

Even if your next trip has a co-driver, please, let's meet again.


caryjo said...

I was concerned about putting the ashes photo and hurting or offending folks who have walked through really hard situations like this, but I just decided I'd give it a try. Personally, when it took place it just soared my heart to heaven knowing the day will come when I see her in fullness and blessfulness. Thanks.