Monday, March 7, 2016


      When the Lord laid it on me today to put pieces on my blog, and I looked around for quite a while, I suddenly saw this and was filled with rejoicefulness of the Lord's kindness. 
     As a sinful, fighting, dangerous kid and dealing with serious situations for many years, the Lord had protected me and broke me strongly into Him.  I'm a grateful...GRATEFUL... daughter of His.  Did what I could years and years ago.  Nearly 35 years ago He's had me going into other parts of our nation and, 25 years ago, other parts of the world.  He used me to spread His Word around and worship and, when seeing the demonic portions in many places, He was sent me to drop Him onto many others.  NOW, I can't go very much, very often.  I can't drive, b/c, legally the hospital says I' can't, and can't share and think much,  b/c of my body and brain issue.  However, when in the house or when someone drives me around a bit, I worship and pray for the Lord.  
      All I can count on, is that when I'm in Heaven I'll be rejoicing strongly to Him. 

Tell Me a Story


Hazel Moon said...

God is so good and he has given you a good life with renewed direction. Thank you for sharing with us at Tell me a Story.

Floyd Samons said...

Beautiful picture and reminder of the Power of God that removed our sin; as far as east is from west...

Praying for you, sister. Keep up the good work.