Thursday, March 17, 2016


       I took this picture about 8 years ago when in a special place. It's truly truthful that I could have been slammed and grabbed and never got back onto the road since I was in a different location when heading around the rivers and mountains.  It was a miracle that this strange man, when I had stopped my car on the road, so I could take a photo of the Mount Rainier, which was near his place, he grabbed me into his large yard area and closed the wide yard door.  Then, after I took pictures of the mountain, he came out of his home, opened the yard door, and let me go out and get in my car.  Anyhow, God had protected me.  It was an amazing driving stretch in a different portion of Tacoma.  I got to my Mom's and to my sisters.  AND I've always thought of this as the Word re: the Rock!!  Always makes me smile when I see this.

       BTW, friends, since I'm heading to the NW on a plane on early Saturday morning, March 19th, I don't know when or how I can see the mountains I love, b/c the rain and cloudiness cover them much of the time.  I look forward to seeing sisters, family and friends out there.  I hope my computer will work and I'll blog on here when I can in Clatskanie, Tacoma, or Klickitat when with dear sisters and strong friends... or Portland, Vancouver, or Seattle when I can be with friends that will drop into my life and take me around.  THEN I'll be in Omaha very, very late on April 8th.  Leaving Portland airport about 7 at night, which dealing with the timing here, means it would be 9 here since our timing is 2 hours later than the ones in the west, so being home nearly at midnight.  A blessing to have my dear husband picking me up at the airport, holding my hand and giving me a hug and a kiss.  AND when he's taking me to the airport on Saturday morning about 5:30, he'll give me a hug and kiss when I'm into that going-away situation.  He's been a HUGE blessing for me for about 30-1/2 years.  Now, I'll shut up.  Bless you and yours!

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~ linda @ Being Woven said...

Dearest Joanne,
I am so excited that you are going to the NW for a few weeks. How wonderful to see sisters and friends and the beauty of the Northwest.

I am so grateful that the pictures on my post of "Thirst - sheep and shepherds" @ Being Woven brought so much joy to you the other day.

I hold you in prayer, sweet sister. ~ linda @ Being Woven

Hazel Moon said...

Such a beautiful photo of the Mountain, and yes Jesus is our Rock.
I am glad that God protected you and the man could do you no harm.
Thank you for sharing here at Tell me a Story.

Floyd Samons said...

Hope you're enjoying your time away, sister. God bless you while your gone.

Saleslady371 said...

Great testimony, Joanne. I hope you are having fun with your sisters. Enjoy your Easter with them!