Monday, February 15, 2016


      I've been a Revelation addict for years and years and in my present-day time these Words are very strongly in me.  I say many of them during the day and night when worshiping, spreading honor and power, and glorifying for the Heavenly Father.  Anyhow, when I found this photo again when looking around my piles of pictures, this grabbed me.
      Bless you and yours forever, and I look forward to Heaven and many of the people in those thousands of years and very local years.  Hope the Lord will put up with me there as well as He has delivered me, healed me, and shown love to me in a variety of ways and places in this world. 
       Anyway, Dave has continued to be a wonderful husband and we have served and worked for the Lord and worshiped the Lord and expect that being in Heaven is a truly good opportunity.  So, I worship and pray and glorify to and at the Lord.  Look at Heaven significantly!!
       [BTW, this is an explanation of how the Lord has been so special to and for Dave and I.  In September, '03,  Dave and I both thought strongly that I must go to Soroti, Uganda, as the Lord has said, and we both thought I would be killed in that area.  But the Lord strongly told me to go, and Dave heard and nodded, too, and  we felt that was very much necessary to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do.  When the timing was strongly dropped on, Dave walked with me for about an hour at the Omaha airplane location, November 10, '03, and Dave and I hugged and kissed many times and we both thought I would never be back.  Dave came the end January, '04,  when he had a way to be out of his job for a vacation. We were there a couple weeks so we could spend time with our Ugandan friends and "family" from the few years we'd been there.  And they absolutely LOVE Dave!  AND they put up with me.  DUH! When he got there when he landed... and brought a couple computers for a couple of the pastors in Soroti who had come down to meet him ... and when he arrived he saw very strongly that  I had malaria and was very seriously exhausted.  I had been in dangerous situations a number of times, but was always protected and used as a "God-gift" to many.  When I was home in mid- Feb. then until May '04 my exhaustion had continued.  Then I was OK.   Well, God had used me strongly, but He had protected me even when in serious situations. ]   

     Dave and I were at a hotel at Kampala for a couple days.  Our Ugandan son was with us for a day and we were heading to the airport the next day.  We both LOOKED good, and pleased that I hadn't been murdered, but tiredness was a strong situation for days for Dave and lots of weeks for me.

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Saleslady371 said...

This is a beautiful graphic and Revelation Verse! You certainly do know the Lord as your Protector! I bet you worship Him and that Name often. God bless you, my friend.

Hazel Moon said...

God was good to grant you a time of ministry in Uganda, and also safely brought you back. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Caryjo/Joanna,

Are you still in Uganda, or was this then? I used to live in Liberia and Cote d'Ivoire.

Thanks for your story here. Those are great praise lyrics from Scripture, huh?

Jennifer Dougan

Lux G. said...

Amen to that. Keep spreading God's love anywhere you go.

Floyd Samons said...

Glad you followed the heart God gave you and happy that you are so blessed with a wonderful husband. God is good!