Friday, February 19, 2016


      That's an every-moment and every day and night focusing on the Heavens to our Lord.  And, yes, HE is ALMIGHTY!!  That's what I/we can count on forever and ever.  BTW, He put me into Revelation again ... has put me there many, many times for many years ... and laid it onto me 4 days ago, and I've read 3 portions [Chapters 1 to 3 ... 4 to 11 ...12 to 18] and tomorrow I will read 19 to the end.  Then He'll tell me what to read and I will.  I have to concentrate and focus.  AND I think He's told me in the past couple days to re-read Revelation again, so I'll dig through my several Bibles to live in that Book again.  So, focusing on the Lord and reading and worshiping and glorifying is all I can do... and I sure want to go through the clouds when I'm on my way to Heaven.  YIPPEE!!

  BTW, I'm a cloud addict and most of the time during the day when I'm worshiping and glorifying and honoring and singing and praying 
I stand wherever I can to see
the sky and see the clouds.

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Floyd Samons said...

So appreciate your obedience. He blesses you because of it. I too love clouds and sunsets. Just caught a glimpse of a greying one in the late Arizona sky. "And the earth declares His majesty."

Hazel Moon said...

From a child, I too have always loved to watch the cloud formations. You can see angels at times and at other times just appreciate they carry rain, and shade us from the heat of the sun. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.