Monday, September 28, 2015



In the past 5 months the Lord has told me several times a week to drive around our general area... even thoroughly inside Omaha or, at the most, about 20 miles outside of Omaha... and my God-job is to worship, pray, praise, and focus on the demonic pieces that have been in our area and, consequently, pray strongly.  For more than 25 years I've been involved with something that is called Spiritual Warfare.  Basically, it's studying the history re: other gods being chosen, worshiped, sacrificed to, and being rejoiced over.  I have met some wonderful friends connected to Spiritual Warfare/Spiritual Mapping.  And those I'm involved with are in my general state area or in several of our states to the West and East and in other nations.  The Lord used me in a few of the nations to focus on the prayer and considering the way the Lord will be worshiped quickly and that anything demonic can lose some of the time with the people.  Since my body and brain are struggling day-by-day now, even shortly before I turned 70 in July, I can't drive to other distant states which I've done for years, and can't go to other nations.  Serving the Lord in my house and driving nearby is all I can do.  So, I'd love to  show some of the photos that were used in other nations... mostly shown in Uganda, Morocco, Costa Rica, and England... but can't do it all.  Some of the people that I was with were strongly involved in dealing with the spiritual issues and I just happened to be there, hearing info, and being taken around to see more.  In the U.S., I've usually been in the western portion, with all the states north and south.  Then, in the eastern portion, I was used that way in the 1990s, and strongly on 2009.   Some were wonderful situations and some broke my heart.  Don't know when I can do much any more, b/c of my age thing.  As I've said, my body and brain aren't working very well any more.  

       OH, and using the photo taken of me in Morocco, April, '01.  Gave it to my mom when I got back, even though she had hoped I would be on a camel, and this was all I could do, and she laughed and loved having it.  After she went to heaven in end of January, '11, when she was 90-1/2 years old, it was given back to me from my sisters.  Every day when I see this in my living room, I never forget that she loved this and was excited when I gave it to her.

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Hazel Moon said...

Your driving around is a God thing that others can also do just by praying over the areas as they make their trips to the grocery or other duties. Pray to break the chains of darkness caused by the worship of other God's (maybe in the past) but also false God's that are not the True and living God and His Son Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Saleslady371 said...

Cool photo, Joanne! I can see why she loved it so. Powerful ministry to break curses especially in some of those countries. I'm thinking you are very effective just where you are as well.

I was taught this kind of prayer walking we called it back in the day. I saw many things happen in my neighborhood--several of the bars closed. No matter how many times new owners came in, they couldn't profit. When my daughter was down and out and a single mom, she lived in an apartment near a motorcycle shop. The noise drove me crazy and with every visit, I would pray in front of it. She remembered and called me last year telling me she passed the old neighborhood and the motorcycle place moved!

You go, girl! Keep walking in your God-given authority. Be a blessing. I know you are.

Love & hugs!

Floyd Samons said...

Good for you, Jo. Thanks for your example of obedience and running the good race. I so appreciate your passion, sister. And that picture is absolutely awesome!!!

Sandra Black said...

Important to know that there is still the power of evil that is the enemy of our Lord but we can come and go in the power of our Lord.