Monday, September 21, 2015


This could be very funny.  I had thought, because of his work at church and his piano students, that we were going to have lunch.  He said he'd pick me up at 11:00 and I assumed we'd be home at 1:00.  This morning he didn't say anything, but just started driving a bit further in Omaha.  I assumed he was just looking for special lunch place.  Then he hit the Interstate in Omaha and went to I-29 in Iowa and started hitting the north portion.  I was still thinking there would be a town or side thing that he wanted to be at.  WELL, he drove and drove and didn't tell me anything and I began to think it might be to Sioux City, which is about 100 miles.  So, I was surprised re: his timing, but thought it might be OK.  THEN, he started going northeast from Sioux City.  When I began to see Le Mars town info as the next strong town.  We'd been there about a year ago shortly after our anniversary of 29th year and had been mostly up in the Twin Cities area and around and about a bit to get up to Duluth to see the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Anyhow, on the way back home to Omaha, we somehow ended up in the town of Le Mars.  The ice cream in that town then, which is famous, just grabbed us.  AND we ended up talking to a couple of the workers and that business had a lot of the Christianity involved.  I was thoroughly blessed.  And we were home later that day in October.  I had never anticipated being there again.  For Dave to drive there today, and spend about an hour there today eating the ice cream and being blessed, then he hit the road to come home.  The total timing was that we left home about 11:15 and got home at 4:45.  What a surprise!!  He drove on another side of the highways, and we saw a few other things, and could pray and worship re: the sinfulness that I could see around and about.    SO I'm going to show the photos of the time at Le Mars.  Hope you'll smile.  AND I'm 70 now since July 9th and he'll be 56 on October 6th.  HE's been a blessing to me from the Lord.  And my kids and grandkids and family of my sisters and their kids all love my husband.  He truly is a blessing.  I'll put a couple photos of our wedding, but other than that I'll just put on today's pictures.  Hope you'll smile.  AND he wants to take me out to dinner.  So I'll finish this and I'll let him know that I'm willing to go out and eat. Now I'll shut up.

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Hazel Moon said...

Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary !! God is so good. Dave planned some nice surprises for you on this special occasion. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Saleslady371 said...

Nice Anniversary surprise. I enjoyed every photo. Cute ice cream pics! Happy Anniversary. I wish you two well and I hope you enjoyed a special dinner too!


Floyd Samons said...

Happy Anniversary!!! How cool is that to get a wonderful surprise like that to celebrate and remember that special day. Blessings to you two.