Thursday, September 10, 2015


     Recently, our Heavenly Father has had me driving around our area, worshiping and praying and dealing with demons and other gods that have lived in our area for dozens of years, hundreds of years, or a thousand of years.  Praying and glorifying to and for our Lord is what we can do to strengthen the variety of where those others have been strongly here historically.  
     The Lord, in the past 20 years, has had me doing that around our nation and in Uganda, Morocco, Costa Rica, and Canada.  He has used me in a variety of locations to be a prayer walker or prayer driver.   NOW, because of my age issue and brain issue, He has laid it on me to drive or walk around the Omaha area a few months now and several days a week for an hour or so.  This has been a whole different section of our city area for me to be worshiping and praying.
     Anyhow, when digging through my photos today, seeing this one was a heart-grabber for me.  That is what counts, forever and ever.  And all those world-size stretches are connected to the thousands of years how the Heavenly Father happily desired our world to be strongly in Him.  He has strongly laid this on my heart consistently in a number of years in the past,  and now it has entered me to focus moment-by-moment.   I truly hope things will change safely and wonderfully.
     Bless Him and bless my co-spiritual family/friends.  Love...

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
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Hazel Moon said...

We too realize that our city was founded during the Gold Rush and many Oriental people came to work here, bring with them their "other gods". Prior to than Indians roamed the land with their witch doctors and other gods. during our prayer walk we have prayed that these be rooted up and the ground made good to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

nannette elkins said...

Prayer walks move spiritual mountains! We teach in our seminars a week of prayer and fasting followed by a week of prayer walks around a city to topple the strongholds. There is power in prayer ❤️ Your neighbor at Sunday Stillness