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     Suddenly Cary said, "Oh, one more thing you can spread 
around.  Last night on the plane when I was standing by the toilets, I had a conversation with a lady named Rahajina.  Her parents were from India, but she had been born in the States and had been living in D.C. and London since she had married.  Her husband was originally from India and they now had two small children.  Her husband had decided to return to India.  She was very upset, because his mom had already said to him that she hates Rahajina, because Rahajina was not the girl she had chosen for him to marry.  Rahajina teared up when she talked about leaving all her family and friends behind and how hard the road ahead looked.  I told her my church people would pray and be standing with her.  I prayed for her that God's grace would be with her and our Lord would meet her.  I'm guessing she's Hindu by what I saw on her jewelry and her face.  Anyhow, last night was truly an amazing 'divine appointment'.  So please add her to the prayer list."
   This takes place in the Prologue portion of the book.  This is filled with truthfulism and some of the reality is mentioned here.
  The blessing is that I called my husband when I was in London and told him this info. About several hours later I'd be flown  to Uganda.  I also asked him to email our church in Omaha, describing to them about this plane time when involved with this lady before landing in London.  This special lady was laid on me by the Lord.  When adding her to my "The Soroti Project" book, as another piece of reality, I certainly hope that in these 12-3/4 years [The plane time was November 12th] that she has been with her heart in the right direction.   I truly hope that she and her husband returned to the U.S. so she could see her parents and other family and friend situations.  AND that she might truly hear more and more of the Word of God.  I'll know when I'm in heaven!
     This lady had arrived in Omaha about 5 years ago.  I was put into her life to help her for hospital and a variety of situations and she is heavily Hinduism.  Even though most of her kids have come to the Lord, she has threatened that she'd murder herself so she wouldn't have to always see the Christians as so many family and friends.   She likes me, however. And, the lady, Rahajina, I have mentioned in the book, had these pieces on her face, too.  So, this is an example.  

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday

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Hazel Moon said...

Your influence will show these women that Jesus loves them through YOU. God is also at work with the children, because they may be pushing too hard, and someone else - like yourself can meet the lady's needs. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us here at “Tell Me a Story."

Saleslady371 said...

Can you imagine having your marriage arranged for you? I feel sorry for hurting women. Thank you for helping them.

Floyd Samons said...

God bless you for your heart and ministry, Jo. And may He bless your book and use it for His glory.

Betty Draper said...

I so love the mission field God has given you sister. Your caring for theses women I am sure come through loud and clear and that will open door to witness as your book talks about.