Monday, August 10, 2015


    A fairly young man, Garion, 19 years old, when pulling into his house area a couple days ago, gang groups shot him, and, about an hour later he died.  Today, when several of us showed up at the house area, his grandma, mom, aunt, sisters, nieces, nephews, and piles of other friends indicated that he had been at a church and now was in heaven with the Lord.

    His aunt, who showed up immediately, stepped forward first, and she
hugged one of our guys who had been her doctor.  I had no idea that this fellow had been a doctor.  They hugged and hugged.  And in the past year I've tried to make sure I have tissue pieces to pass around when they are crying and tears and flowing down.  Shared with several today.  And, at the end of the prayer time and getting ready to leave them so they could be filled with family situation, the lady hugged me and cried onto my shoulder and I was able to hug her and pray for her. 
    I was planning to be heading home, and, when walking up the street to our car area, a long-time First Responder "brother", Dean, about a year older than me, walked up with me and held my hand that didn't have my cane, and he made sure I wouldn't fall on those terrible sidewalks.  I've wanted Dean to come to our house many times, so that he would meet Dave.  Dean lives in a completely different part of Omaha, and I haven't seen him for several months, because he can't drive all this way.  Anyhow, he is a treat!  
    On the news tonight, since a couple of the main ones were there, I hope to see how it was shared.  And, as the family said, Garion is in heaven.  That's what we can rejoice upon.  And he isn't the first one we've been with at these murder sites that were Christians.  I hope to meet them when I'm in heaven, too.  We also hope that the ones who have done the murdering, and end up in prison, that they may turn to the Lord, too.  Our Lord is all we can ever count on, forever and ever.


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Shandra Harris said...

This is a hopefilled story. Thanks CaryJO. Bless you

Hazel Moon said...

Bless you Joanne for your work with the Responders. Each story is sad, but I too am happy the murdered boy is in heaven. Also it was nice to find out your friend is a doctor, and also meeting an other responder friend you haven't seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Floyd Samons said...

Heart wrenching... but the silver lining from God shines beyond the sky and into our hearts. I'm praying for that family.

Lux G. said...

Some stories are just so disheartening. But knowing there are still good people out there makes me hopeful.