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I've shared this salvation issue many times over the years.  When in Tacoma, and driving or going around and about, I always try to see this church.  In mid-March, 1966, the Lord sent me there with my friend, Carol, who had just moved into my apartment a couple weeks earlier.  When I asked lots of "God" questions and through her confusion when she saw the UN-godliness, she connected me to one of the men who was a straightforward sharer and teacher.  I went with her to the church, which was all the way across town and we had to take the bus.  Not a nearby going-in-and-out situation as almost all of us in this nation do now.

I was showing my Omaha friend, Lisa, for whom I had gone to Tacoma August 11th, because she was working there for a couple months in a special nursing teaching way.  Even though we had been friends at church for a few years, she hadn't known I was from Tacoma.  And while she was out there, I didn't know it.  I knew she was working hard somewhere, but assumed it was here in Omaha.  When I suddenly discovered it, at the beginning of her last section out there and it would be ending August 15th, I definitely wanted to be there with her so she'd truly know me.

Since she had already read my book, "The Annie Project", I certainly wanted to be there with her and have her see much of the portion of Tacoma that was part of the book.  

I didn't use the NAME of Tacoma, but much of what occurred to "Cary" and/or "Annie" in the book I shared the events, rarely was an actual town named -- except Klickitat, WA, in one full chapter story.  While in Tacoma, I showed Lisa houses that were part of my family many, many, many years ago.  For instance, one where my Mom lived when adopted when born in 1920.  We all had been in that "Grandma"  house occasionally until I was about 25, around 1970, and Mom had let it go.  She had had it several years since my grandma had died.  Showing Lisa that house, and several other ones, and Wright Park and Point Defiance Park, and many other places, seeing and meeting some of my family was quite fun.  She was a very busy lady, but we miraculously fit it in!  Now she truly knows me.
The first real place we went to was the Baptist church that I had entered through Carol.  I came to the Lord April 15th, 1966, but not at the church.  I had been taken to the home of the man's family for dinner. He had already laid the truth of the Lord on me.  And, he, Stan, said the right things and through him, He took me in.  Lisa asked if I'd have a photo at the church. I never had.  She took the photos.  I was amazed.  Now, it ISN'T a Baptist church.  Several other titles have taken place over about 20 years, but it looks nearly exactly the same way.  And, BTW, I was a Sunday School teacher shortly after I came to the Lord.  THAT is amazing, too.  And every time I go by the church, I see the windows where I was in my teaching places.  Makes me smile.  So, here's the photos, even though nothing is perfect.  Might make you grin, though.  That would be a good thing.
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