Thursday, August 21, 2014


Our Yard in Omaha, NE.

 Years and years and years ago, about 60 of them,  we had moved to a new and better portion of Tacoma, Washington.  It was a larger house than anything we'd been in.  I was 9 years old and in 4th grade, and I had 4 younger sisters... much younger than I was.

The portion upstairs was where 4 of us were.  We had a couple of beds and a dresser.  We played up there and jumped around and about.  I did my school classing issues up there.  I'll never forget that place.  When I'm in Tacoma I almost always drive past it.  It's improved over the years.  NOW it's for sale for nearly $400,000.  That is truly amazing!!  It does look nice, but knowing that neighborhood, still seeing some of the houses that look similarly, I'm a little shocked.

One of the issues I titled this caused me to move to truly hate the moths.  I hadn't seen them prior to this, I don't think.  However, when we went to bed, and the light was turned off, I was overwhelmed by what happened then.

There was a small hole in the wall by my bed.  I can't remember which of my sisters was in the bed with me.  However, I was next to the wall.  As it was dark, these bugs flew over my face, touching my cheeks and going through my hair.  I was filled with anger and fear.

The stretch of time ever since, I have been a butterfly lover, around and about our nation and other nations.  But moths have driven me nuts when going around and about lamps or any other kind of lights.

I look forward to seeing butterflies in heaven.  Truly, truly, really, really do.

Our Yard
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Hazel Moon said...

Moths can be a pest for sure.
Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”