Thursday, July 12, 2012


A couple years ago, when I was in the Word, my schedule had me committed to reading one of my least favorite Books, Ecclesiastes. While reading, I spent time rolling my eyes and shaking my head at the verses and Solomon's thought patterns, and trying to stay on track.  Suddenly, I was "out there", my brain wandering, one of my constant challenges. I honestly can't remember which verse tugged me that direction, but I suddenly thought "why do I always want to go places... why do I struggle when I'm sitting at home for such a long stretch?"

Then I remembered. My personal slogan for life, in place for many years, has been:

Go new places, see new things, meet new people.

That's it. Even though
I've experienced a lot of those "mottoes"  here on trips around the States, and it's not only connected to trips to other parts of the world, I DO often think of my international wanderings. So...

that's why I enjoyed Costa Rica, 

was excited when visiting England, 

lived happily [most of the time] in Uganda

 and absolutely marveled at Morocco. 

 Lots and lots of wonderful sights and sounds. Sweet, caring people. Creative thinking and plans. Innovations to fit into life as it's moving forward. Coming up with ways to share the Lord without bringing His name into the mix, but simply showing concern and love.

When at home, trapped in the everyday routines of life, it was easy for me to become bored and feel I simply didn't fit.

Then, God opened an international door for me in my neighborhood.  In early May, 2010, He dropped the Bhutanese refugees into my life.  I began with 2; now have approximately 70 ... extended family ... and they adore me and respect me and I love them and help them adjust to our town, our cultural requirements, and hash out our "insane" differences.

Yes, I love Uganda and often would prefer to live with my friends, kids, and grandkids who entered our lives Over There, BUT, if I was there now, I'd be wondering how Nar and Phurba, Sai and Wang, Bijay, Ram and Dawa, Mandira and Pemba, and my "babies" ... and on and on ... would be doing.

So, I am a missionary... again.   And, where it used to cost thousands of dollars to be in those various places, it is often next to nothing, which fits into our budget quite well.

Overall, ministry hasn't changed. And I look forward to the times when the Lord opens a new, unwalked-upon path for me to begin a jaunt ... and can live my motto:. 
go new places, see new things, meet new people.


Crystal Mary said...

How absolutely wonderful to be able to help these people adjust to living in a new land. You know, I never feel I belong anywhere and I believe its because my heart and spirit hanker to be back in heaven...Thats where we truly belong. But until we get called home, we can make the most of life and share Gods love freely with others.Many blessings sent from Oz to you today

bluecottonmemory said...

Being an at-home (home community) missionary never seems as glamorous as an international missionary - but it is just as necessary. I love how you make yourself available as a spiritual mother and grandmother to those needing it!

Gayle said...

He uses us, and promotes us, and leads on paths for sure!

Anonymous said...

So cool! I thought my ministry would always be with children, but after retiring and subbing for four years, the Lord changed my ministry to music and mentoring women and for Larry and me - couples. I still have a heart for children, but am curtailed because of physical problems in meeting them on their levels or picking them up. I have done speaking to various groups in many capacities, and that too, is ongoing. So I am blessed in the here and now with whomever God places in my path. That may change too down the road.

So thank you, Jo, for sharing this reminder that God has us in various situations in changing situations.



Wendy said...

You definitely have an overseas missionary heart... now God has brought people from overseas to you! What a wonderful story.

path of treasure said...

We just had a missions conference at church, and people talked about being a missionary overseas as well as right here in our city. :)

I see that you're wearing a beautiful sari in your profile picture. Have you visited India?

I was born in India, but grew up here in the U.S. I am a born-again believer (from a Hindu background), now raising my 3 kids, desiring them to love the Lord.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog!