Monday, July 16, 2012


So, this is the story.  A really fun one.

I was in Morocco, April, 2001, on a prayer journey with hundreds of us -- from the States, Europe, and Africa -- going around and about in tour buses, visiting a variety of towns, going to the markets, sharing with anyone who would listen to us, and worshiping on rooftops and singing sometimes on street corners.

Our bus had about 30 of us.  Eleven had come from California, four from western Colorado, and five of us from Omaha.  The other 10 were YWAM-ers from southern Spain who had come across the Mediterranean to be part of our team.  I couldn't have imagined the joy with the "pray-ers" or the scenery or meeting dear, dear Moroccans.

We had been in Casablanca, 

 and Fez,



Bene Mellal.

 It was interesting, to say the least, and times filled with intensive worship and prayer.

Then, while traveling towards Marrakech, the bus suddenly pulled over and a new life began.  A whole bunch of camels were lingering along the side of the road and off into the side lot.  We were given the fun time to touch them, pet them, hug them.  AND they put up with us. 

We had been going through tough, heavy heart and spirit times... and more coming up ... but this was plain old fun.

A bit later, we DID head for Marrakech.  One of the most spiritually challenging towns in the world, according to some teachers, and I certainly recognized that very quickly...  but it also became my favorite place.   I would love to go back there!

And Casablanca on lovely evenings.

Really, really....

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A Joyful Noise said...

Oh I love the adventures you share here at "Tell Me a Story." I would think a ride on the camel would be fun too, but I am glad you were able to pet them and share photos with us.

Anonymous said...

Great story and one I sure won't experience on my travels across the USA. Enjoyed the story and the pictures.

Thanks, "Little Sister."


Lyli @ 3dLessons4Life said...

Joanne, you have the best stories. This sounds like a spiritually challenging trip. Thanks for sharing.

caryjo said...

Lyli, it WAS a challenging trip in many ways -- some funny, some not-so-funny -- and some miraculously and blessed times. I'll be sharing a couple of those pretty soon, I think. Should make people grin, and that's a good thing!

Thanks for visiting me.

S. Etole said...

The year of the lilacs as I remember it.

Great photos.

Floyd said...

"And Casablaca on lovely evenings..." What a wonderful story! Good for you, sharing with God your destiny. I'm blessed by your life.

Ann Cocktale said...

What a wonderful experience. I intend to search your blog for more adventures. Seems like "road runner" has lots to share. "Spiritually challenging" struck a cord with me as I read this post.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Caryjo--I just love the picture of all of you pray-ers praying and worshipping on rooftops. True spiritual warfare.

God is so please with that.

Thanks for sharing this story.

Jennifer @ said...

Your adventurous life inspires me. Wow. YOU inspire me!