Tuesday, July 10, 2012


For most Ugandans a taxi park is a normal part of life, but Westerners rarely have this “wonderful” experience; I hadn’t done it for several years. I arrived at the park in the blazing afternoon heat after spending three hours in transit, beginning with a walk, then a very uncomfortable ride on the back of a bicycle, followed by a 10-mile hot and dusty motorbike ride. Finally, I was ensconced in a matatu and finished my intense 30-mile jaunt to Kampala.

Not only emotionally and physically exhausted from ministry in Soroti, Uganda, unbeknownst to me, I was in the beginning phase of malaria. I plowed through the crowd, juggling around my heavy duffle and my bulky backpack. I knew when I reached the street I could find a ride to a hotel. However, I felt totally overwhelmed, not sure I could make it.

At that very moment, a young teen stepped up and asked if I wanted a “special hire”(a non-public taxi) and I said I did. He said “We'll find and I'll carry.” He reached for my bag. I told him “I don't have any ‘small’.” (I had no money for a tip.) In spite of this, he took my bag and said he didn't want money. I was absolutely stunned and couldn’t believe him. Even though he was slightly built and my duffle was very heavy, I was nearly certain that when we reached the park’s exit, an accomplice would grab the bag from him and make a run for it.  Consequently, as hampered as I was by the crowd and the heavy back pack, I rushed along, carefully keeping him in view. 

Amazingly, he was faithful. When we reached the street, he said he would find a special hire and asked me how much I would pay. I said 7,000// [Uganda shillings]. He said, "You can get for 5,000//.” Another miracle – even if he could have hired a taxi for 5,000//, it would have been normal that he tell me it was 7,000// and pocket the difference. Then he asked, “Do you know why I am helping you? My Pastor said we should bless our elders and God would bless us.” I nearly cried on the spot. I felt God’s hands encompass me with His gentle and very timely care.

Joseph found a car, arranged the fee with the driver, and escorted me to the hotel. At the reception desk, bending to retrieve my passport from my backpack, I started to faint. A security guard carried me to a couch in the reception area. Seated and resting, My Angel sat nearby, watching with great concern. A little later, able to change larger bills into some smaller denominations, I paid the driver, who was patiently waiting by the hotel entrance door. Then I gave Joseph 2,000// (four times more than what I would have paid at the park), which he tried to decline. I said, “You said God would bless you for helping. He is.”

I had many adventures in Uganda, some very difficult and sad and some very funny. But among the most wonderful was this amazing encounter with Joseph, my Taxi Park Angel.

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A Joyful Noise said...

Thank you for sharing at Tell me a Story. This is a wonderful and amazing angel sent from God in your time of need! and you were able to bless you too with the money you saved in taxi fare.

Floyd said...

What a great story... God's timing is perfect. The blessings God gave both of you will not be forgotten. I love hearing the true stories of the sacrifice of mission work. God bless.

S. Etole said...

This has always been one of favorite stories.

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

Wow! You have some amazing stories. I always look forward to hearing which one you will share. Grateful that you've linked this.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, how precious your story is. I'm going to send your blog address to our daughter who will be going to Uganda soon with her husband and our GRANDsons to bring home our new GRANDbaby(ies)!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joanne, it was very good and I even read for my family. Blessings. Please greet for me your husband.
Anthony Muwanguz

Gayle said...

Wow, love this story!

joy said...

Isn't it amazing that GOd sends His angels when we needed one? We really have a good God:)Dropping by from " Tell me a story: