Sunday, May 20, 2012


Twenty-one years ago, May, 1991, almost this exact date, I left Tacoma, Washington, with my Mom.  I was leaving for home and was bringing her out here to Nebraska to visit us for a few weeks.

 We left Tacoma mid-afternoon, not too concerned about where we could end up for the first night, figuring we'd reach Missoula, Montana.   Life changed  .. a storm interfered, among one other event.

When we reached Spokane, about 300 miles east, clouds had begun to roll in.  Another twenty miles east, when we drove through Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and I began driving up the mountain-side Interstate, a storm hit and the rain began to pour so hard I could barely see through the wipers.  The highway, for some reason, was nearly empty, and, to move too quickly, slipperyness was a danger.  I was being as careful as possible.  I really, truly was.  [If nothing else, wouldn't want my Mom hollering at me, for which she had a very strong reputation.]

I drove attentively along the highway, darkness covering, slightly seeing the rocky hills on the north side and the guard rails on the south side that protected from flying off the highway into the huge lake.  The curves forced my attention, intensely, to say the least.

Suddenly, a red sports car flew up the highway and around me, speeding way above the limit.  While I was watching it move ahead, I saw the tail lights flash when "he" hit the brakes, and it swerved and swung several directions, and then continued to "fly".

I thought, "Hmm.  Wonder what that was. Better slow down a bit."  So, I tapped the brakes and the turned the headlight beams up.

As I reached the place he had been, the lanes were covered with deer -- all alive, none injured.  I slammed the brakes, hard, and stopped within a couple feet of that large group.  Some were trying to get off the highway and looked confused, some were simply trying to stand up and fell back down because the road was so slick.  I sat there for what seemed a life-time, and was probably a few minutes.  The deer DID manage to walk to the north side where there was a little space for them to stand off the road.

I slowly drove off, breathing heavily, staring through startled eyes.  Even my Mom was silent.

Later, I realized God had protected me in more ways that one.  

First, He had let me know there was a need to slow down... wonder if the sports car was driven by an angel.  Or at least controlled by one.  

Second, while sitting on the Interstate, in the dark and rain, for several minutes, not moving at all, NOT ONE VEHICLE came up the highway UNTIL I was back up to the correct speed.  The possibility of being crashed into ... well, I sure wouldn't be "talking" to all of you.  And my Mom wouldn't have had more years ahead to turn to the Lord, which did happen when she was 80. 

Over the past twenty years when I have driven through that area, I never do it casually ... I do it rejoicingly.  I know that I know that I know that my Savior saved me... again!

I may stop doing this some time soon, but, for some reason, the Lord laid it on me to post Miracles on Sunday.  I remember quite a number of mine -- even though some folks might not think they fit into that particular category --  but also know some that are connected to friends and family.  So, every Sunday that is now my goal... among a few other posts.  My life is changing!


Anonymous said...

Wow...I don't remember you ever sharing this story before. I can't imagine Mom being quiet through all those adverse weather conditions leading up to the "miracle". She always accused me of "driving like your father". You must drive more like her. hehe. Anyway, AGAIN, great story!
Love, Niki

SimplyDarlene said...

Hey you. I have a similar story that happened at the ID - MT border. Well, it was worse as it involved surprise ice, a semi, my mom and I spinning across 3 freeway lanes, seat belt bruises across my chest and lap, oncoming cars, AND MIRACLE after MIRACLE.

I about puke whenever we drive that stretch. But I praise God over and again as it was one of the things He used to bring me to Him.

Hugs to you.


A Joyful Noise said...

Thanks Joanne, for sharing at "Tell Me a Story." This one is new to me and it is amazing how you and your Mom were protected.

Gayle said...

Everyday amazing miracles!