Saturday, September 25, 2010



In a glass-enclosed room overlooking the church foyer –
[A glass-enclosed, heat-radiating,
producing” room]
Jesus-loving, Bible-believing,

Women of God meet –
unmasked -
before each other –
with care and challenge –
and, amazingly, lacking condescension.

Who are they?

Marys – their love for our Lord
pouring forth;

Marthas – she wasn’t all bad, you know,
just fogged in
by busyness.
[Who, her? ... who, me?];

Deborahs – wisdom exuded in their words and touch;
Lydias – both practical and creative
in approach to life;

Ruths – loving their family with on-going sacrifice;
Dorcas’ – serving, serving, and serving some more.

And, with all due respect,
Rahabs –

who see the signs of what is coming,
and make the choice
to follow the right road no matter the cost.

All these beautiful ladies
in modern dress
[or slacks, or jeans],

the room over-flowing with love and laughter,
shared heartache and tears.

What a blessed – most blessed – glass-enclosed room.

Who’d a thunk it?

[Nearly four years ago, October 8, I found this room of ladies at our newly attended church. And for about two years this classroom was my most comfortable place for loading and unloading, for sharing in a helpful manner and receiving piles of love. A couple of years ago, I wrote this to honor them, and even though that class has broken and spread throughout the church, so have these lovely ladies whom I still respect, admire, and love.]


S. Etole said...

And you are one of those beautiful women wearing many different hats wherever the Lord calls. I am so blessed to call you friend.

Jeanne Klaver said...

Oh what a perfect way to honor special ladies. Bravo!