Thursday, September 30, 2010


Bet you'll be happy to "hear" that there will be more photos than words in this "yammery-personality" post.

Sunday there was a picnic for the Nebraska-based Nepalese/Bhutanese refugees. [The refugees are Bhutanese, but the camp is in Nepal; it has been there for more than 18 years.] We had a blast! The worship service was a blessing. The food was amazing. The fellowship was wonderful. We don't understood one word of their language -- and their English pronunciation/accent isn't usually easy, either -- but were so welcomed and loved. We have been involved with these refugees for several months now ... most of the ones we're with are Christians, some are Hindus [but being drawn to the Lord bit by bit by their own folks], and the occasional Buddhist or Muslim. What an opportunity to bless and pour forth the Lord's love!!

I simply love being with them and helping in very practical and basic ways --- ESL, clothes, small household items, budgeting -- my husband teaching piano, tutoring, fixing/putting together computers. And whatever else the Lord drops in our life... we live only a long block away from a number of them who are in an apt. complex.

So, here goes.

They were asked to come forward and dance. Well, one of my young men, who has been in the States since early July, was the first. Don't know whether the dance was connected to Bhutan or his overwhelmingly funny personality or "insanity" ... but he had a blast and everyone was clapping to the music and laughing.

Subat/Bob Marley [the name he brought here to the States with him], the dancer, is in his early 20s. His nephew, Kharka, is in his mid-20s. My "G-ma" person is Subat's mom and Kharka's g-ma, and she's only 2 years older than I. I became involved with her only 3 days after she [and Subat and her other son-- whose name I don't have down, yet, but is in the picture with his wife] arrived from Nepal in early July. She needed to go to an ER, and I took her and Kharka and the sons and we hung out for 5 hours while tests, etc., were done. Kharka has been here for several months and knew a fair amount of English before, so he was the interpreter. Subat knows very little and his brother almost none. And G-ma, absolutely NONE!! What a time. [And, yet, she adores me!! Every time I see her she holds my hand and just pours love over me. And she's still a Hindu, but I know she's headed towards our Lord.]
See? I lied. I promised more pictures and less "yammering"... didn't work again; my "mouth" always takes over. [Susie would figure out a way to show the photos and pop the occasional word in, and then there's ME... so opposite.]

Anyhow, the picnic was a fun and blessed time. One of the most amazing parts is their respect and honor aimed at Dave and I ... and the fifteen-or-so other supporters from other churches and organizations that were there ... and some of us are "plain ol', plain ol'" hanging out folks. But they really seem to appreciate that little bit. [And it was obvious, too, that the refugees are dearly loved!]

Thanks for "listening"...


Graceful said...

What a cool day -- and such amazing people. I love this -- and love what you are doing to help God's people!

Jeanne Klaver said...

What a fun time! You are so inspiring.